Bruno Moretti was one of the leaders of the East Street Skulls and the brother of the late Bobby Moretti.


At some point, Bruno became a leader of the East Street Skulls with his brother, Bobby.[1]

Bobby's Death and Attempted Revenge

In 2018, Bruno learnt of Bobby's death at the hands of Vanessa Jansen and her robbery of his guns. He then sought revenge by pretending to be her buyer. When they met, Bruno tried to kill her, but was stopped by her meta powers. Vanessa then tried to also kill Bruno, but he was saved by XS.

Later, when Jansen tried to sell the weapons again, Bruno confronted her with backup, threatening to kill her if she did not return the guns. They opened fire but couldn't hurt her as she shielded herself with her powers. He along with his men were then taken out by the Flash and XS.

He was later incarcerated after Jansen's death at the hands of Cicada.[1]


The Flash

Season 5


  • In the DC Comics, Moretti is a criminal that faces the Huntress.


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