"No, we're still marching. But when we get there, we're going to visit a few old friends starting with Brutus and Cassius."
Julius Caesar on his future killers[src]

Brutus was a Roman politician in the Ancient Rome and a friend of Julius Caesar who, along with Cassius conspired and eventually killed him.


Averted timeline

In the averted timeline Julius Caesar knew that his friend, Brutus would eventually play a pivotal role in the conspiracy to kill him due to owning a Rise of Rome book from the future he stole from Nate Heywood. After marching to Rome after winning the Gallic Wars with his legion, Caesar killed both Cassius and Brutus.[1]

Current timeline

Ides of March from Rise of Rome

Illustration in Rise of Rome book depicting Cassius, Brutus and other conspirers killing Julius Caesar.

When the timeline was restored, Cassius and Brutus proceeded with killing Caesar as in the original timeline.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

  • "Aruba-Con(mentioned and pictured in the book illustration)

Powers and abilities

  • Political influence: As a Roman politican Brutus had enough political influence to conspire and eventually kill Julius Caesar.[1]


  • Dagger: Brutus owned a dagger with which he proceeded to personally stab Caesar.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In real world Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger was indeed a Roman politician who conspired and proceeded with the killing of Julius Caesar, being his best friend as well. He was also a brother-in-law of Cassius, another conspirer and killer mentioned by Caesar in the series.
  • Nate Heywood saying to Sara Lance "Et tu, Sara" is a reference to "Et tu, Brutus", uttered by dying Julius Caesar in William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar as he noticed that Brutus was involved in his stabbing.


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