Buck is a fictional character created by Mick Rory, written as part of his book titled Heatwaves: An Erotic Space Odyssey.


At one point, Buck's planet was destroyed.[1]

At another point, Buck's spaceship crash landed on Thanzanon, where he was forced into mortal combat. There, he started a relationship with the queen Garima. Not wanting to hurt her sister, he threw a contest which he lost on purpose to run away to Dartayus with his lover. However, they were both seperated from each other when their worlds needed them.[2]


When Konane was forced to lose on purpose to El Cura in order to protect the timeline, Mona Wu made a parallel to Buck's situation in her favorite Rebecca Silver book, Heatwaves: An Erotic Space Odyssey.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

Season 4


  • It's clear that the main character "Buck" is an author surrogate for Mick Rory himself, an outcast finding "home" in faraway space travels.


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