Bud Ellison (died 1958) was the corrupt sheriff of Harmony Falls, Oregon.


In 1958, Rip Hunter and Leonard Snart arrived at the police station in Harmony Falls while posing as FBI agents, claiming that they were investigating a recent string of serial murders in the town. Ellison, who was on duty, reluctantly handed them the case files after Snart threatened to come back with a court order.

The next night, Ellison pulled over Jefferson Jackson and a wounded Betty Seaver after he caught the pair speeding down an isolated road. Despite Jax's loud protests that he needed to get Betty to a hospital, Ellison insisted on arresting him and bringing him back to the station for questioning; when Jax refused, Ellison knocked him out, leaving Betty bleeding in her car on the side of the road. Ellison subsequently revealed himself to be an ally of Vandal Savage, telling Jax that he'd be begging for him again once Savage was finished subjecting Jax with his experiments. After learning that Hunter and Snart were not FBI agents as they claimed, Ellison attempted to arrest them. He catches Rip and Ray Palmer but was attacked and killed by Savage's mutated hawk creatures.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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