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C. McGarvey was a corrupt judge residing in Star City.


After Oliver Queen's arraignment, McGarvey allowed him to go free on a $5 million bail and $500,000 bond.[1]

Some months later, McGarvey had DA Sam Armand, along with Jean Loring and Oliver Queen, in his chambers after Armand presented a witness in his case against Oliver as the Green Arrow, the judge allowing it due to the witness' number of enemies on both sides of the law.[2]

McGarvey later presided over The People v. Oliver Jonas Queen. Before he could come to a final verdict, he was knocked out by John Diggle and Rene Ramirez, being briefly replaced by a disguised Christopher Chance. Due to his replacement's actions as him, McGarvey was brought before Ricardo Diaz, before being shot dead when he tried to explain himself.[3]


  • High-level intellect/Master lawyer/Political acumen: McGarvey was a highly respected judicator. McGarvey's experience with the legal system enabled him to successfully sentence virtually every criminal he prosecuted.



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