For the business in Starling City, see SC Jitters.
For its Earth Two equivalent, see Jitterbugs.

CC Jitters, simply known as Jitters, was a coffee shop located in Central City. Iris West notably has worked there. The company also produced custom-made vending machines to sell its products.[1] In an erased future it would've been known as HR Jitters.


After his recovery from a coma, Barry Allen went to visit Iris West at work. He also later visited her at work, whereupon he learned that she was secretly dating Eddie Thawne.[2]

CC Jitters Trivia Night pamphlet

Iris showing CC Jitters' Trivia Night pamphlet

The coffee shop occasionally held "Trivia Night", where the winning team were rewarded a $75 CC Jitters Coffee Card. After being introduced to Felicity Smoak, Iris invited Barry and Felicity to team up with Eddie and her and the four of them debuted as team E=MC HAMMER.[3]

Barry was almost robbed outside of Jitters. Later when Eddie was hospitalized, Iris went to the hospital hallway to buy coffee via a vending machine labeled "Gourmet Coffee Proudly Serving CC Jitters Coffee"; it provided at least four selections, including decaffeinated coffee, cappuccino, latte, and espresso.[1]

As he was about to leave, Oliver Queen met a former lover and, unbeknownst to him, the mother of his child, where they exchanged pleasantries and parted ways.[4]

Caitlin Snow met Jason Rusch at Jitters to talk about the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project that he had worked on.[5]

The cafe was eventually attacked by General Wade Eiling to kidnap Ronnie Raymond and thereby gain access to Firestorm.[6][7]

In order to get Harrison Wells out of S.T.A.R. Labs so Cisco Ramon could run some tests, Caitlin took Dr. Wells there, but he eventually got out of his seat when her back was turned to return to S.T.A.R. Labs and kill Cisco.[8]

After a singularity appeared above Central City, CC Jitters was somewhat destroyed. Six months later, the city being saved, Barry Allen was attempting to rebuild it, as he did with other buildings throughout the city. Iris met him there, coercing him into attending Flash Day, before leaving.[9]

CC Jitters grand re-opening - Try "The Flash"

Jitters reopens.

A couple weeks later, CC Jitters had their grand re-opening. In honor of The Flash saving the city and rebuilding the joint, they began serving a new beverage named after him. The beverage contained brewed coffee with a shot of espresso.[10]

During close-hours, Kendra Saunders prepared short rib, Yukon gold purée and asparagus, set it up in the shop as a dinner date with Cisco; unfortunately Vandal Savage interrupted before they could enjoy the food, leading Cisco having to signal the Flash for help.[11]

The Flash - one brew coffee, one shot Espresso

"The Flash" - one brew coffee, one shot Espresso.

Barry and Oliver went to Jitters, after everyone involved with Vandal Savage's attack, including members of Team Arrow and Carter Hall, decided to relocate to Central City to finish the business. Oliver noticed the shop served "The Flash", and inquired how long it had been a thing, to which Barry answered for eight months. As they were conversing, a kid bumped into them and dropped his Flash figurine. The child met up with non other than Oliver's former lover after saying thanks to Oliver.[11]

Martin Stein went to Jitters, along with Jefferson Jackson, to meet with his daughter Lily. He asked to meet because he felt she could help him with the Askaran Amulet. Lily brought out her ionic scanner and unexpectedly activated the amulet's compass. Stein and Jax quickly hid the amulet away before any of the people in the cafe could see before taking Lily away so they could further study it.

Barry and Iris' rehearsal dinner was held in Jitters.[12]

Killer Frost got a drink resembling a latte as a "winter special offer".[13]

Iris and her future daughter, Nora West-Allen, had coffee at Jitters. Iris attempted to get to know and bond with Nora, which was less than successful.[14]

Erased future

When Barry traveled to the future to learn the identity of Savitar, H.R. Wells not only owns the restaurant, but also renamed it HR Jitters. [15]

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