"Come on in, folks. After five months of Vibe-uccinos to-go, welcome to the new Jitters. [...] And remember, folks, CC Jitters is here to stay, rain or—"

CC Jitters, simply Jitters, is a coffee shop located in Central City. The company also produces custom-made vending machines themed around the city's superheroes and villains to sell their products.[1]


In September 2019, CC Jitters was closed, likely due to being destroyed by the black hole that Chester P. Runk accidentally opened over Central City.[1] Only Vibe-uccinos were available for to-go orders,[2]

CC Jitters reopened in January 2020, only to suddenly be robbed by Sterling Brooks. However, he was stopped by the Flash.[1]

Allegra Garcia and Frost watched as Allegra's ex-boyfriend, with whom Allegra wanted to reunite, was flirting with other women near Valentine's Day, making Allegra take her anger out on Frost.[3]

Cecile Horton saw Ralph Dibny and Sue Dearbon in the coffee shop; she could feel the attraction Sue had for Ralph though Sue vehemently denied it.[4]

As Joseph Carver and Maurice were discussing the destruction of a Black Hole warehouse the night before, Barry Allen entered to tell Carver that he needed protection from Eva McCulloch. Carver explained what his scientists learned about the Mirrorverse and he tried to discourage Barry from trying to retrieve Iris West-Allen.[5]

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