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The Café du Dôme was a restaurant located in the city of Paris in the year 1927.


In 1927, the Café du Dôme was a popular restaurant among the lost generation, with writers such as Ernest Hemingway, artists such as Salvador Dalí, musicians such as Django Reinhardt, and expatriates frequenting the establishment.

When the Legends were alerted to an anomaly in 1927 Paris, the team performed a recon mission in the Café du Dôme to identify the magical fugitive disturbing the timeline, which turned out to be the minotaur.

Aberrant timeline: After Sara Lance, Mick Rory, Hank Heywood, and Ernest Hemingway faced the Minotaur in the catacombs, the Minotaur tracked Hemingway's scent to the restaurant and attacked everyone inside, leaving no survivors.

Current timeline: The Legends made it in time to protect the civilians and lull the beast to sleep with music, though the restaurant's interior was a complete mess after the confrontation.[1]


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