"Caged" is the tenth chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on December 12, 2012.


In search of another target on his list, The Arrow goes toe-to-toe with some of the most ruthless combatants the underworld has to offer.[1]


Oliver and Diggle prepare to go after Monty Cora, a ruthless hitman-for-hire from The List. Since Cora is virtually untraceable, Oliver and Diggle try to gather intel on him by infiltrating the Tournament of Skulls, an illegal underground fight club. Cora has been the reigning champion for the past five years under the codename "Deathride". Oliver plans to get close to Cora by posing as a new challenger in the tournament, though Diggle is wary of his decision.

Oliver must battle four other contenders before he can take on Cora. He successfully defeats his first three opponents, but the final man manages to injure Oliver's bad knee. As Oliver tends to his wound, Diggle expresses concern for the situation, but Oliver insists that he is fine. As Oliver fights his fourth opponent, Diggle reflects on how a part of Oliver wants to participate in the Tournament of Skulls to let the "beast" inside him roam free.

After Oliver defeats his opponent, the Tournament of Skulls' organizer approaches Diggle with an offer of getting Oliver a regular gig if he survives against Cora, but Diggle claims this to be a one-time situation. Diggle watches Cora slaughter his opponent and demands his address from the organizer, but the man refuses since Cora is his "bread and butter". Diggle then pulls out an envelope full of money to change his mind.

Diggle meets with Oliver, revealing the organizer gave him all of Cora's addresses and aliases in exchange for the payoff. Diggle insists they should leave and confront Cora later when they're more prepared, but Oliver protests that he isn't finished, confident he can take down Cora now. Knowing Oliver needs to fight Cora for his own reasons, Diggle reluctantly acquiesces.

Oliver faces Cora and the two engage in a brutal battle. Oliver quickly gains the upper hand, using his agility and more refined combat skills to his advantage, and lands multiple hits on Cora. He soon traps Cora in a headlock but chooses to spare him. Oliver is hailed as the new champion, but Cora suddenly gets up and attacks him with a knife. Oliver kicks Cora's neck to the side, snapping it. Diggle watches the battle, reflecting again on how a beast can still howl when caged.

Later in the Arrowcave, Oliver is icing his knuckles and Diggle wonders if he enjoyed the experience. Oliver denies it, chalking up the fight as typical business. Diggle gently states he knows Oliver is lying before leaving.



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