Caitlin Snow's apartment is the apartment that Caitlin Snow currently resides in. It is located in Central City.


Caitlin Snow began living at the apartment sometime after she moved to Central City.

In early 2015, Barry Allen brought Caitlin home to the apartment after she became drunk during their night out at a karaoke bar. At her request, Barry helped Caitlin change into her pajamas and stayed with her until she fell asleep.[1]

In February 2015, after Caitlin's fiancé Ronnie Raymond was separated from Martin Stein, he began living with her at the apartment. However, Ronnie soon moved out when he and Stein left the City.[2]

In October 2016, Caitlin was taking a shower in her apartment when her latent cryokinesis abilities manifested and froze the water in the bathroom. Shortly after, Caitlin saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror and witnessed the beginnings of her physical transformation into Killer Frost.[3]

In late 2017, Amunet Black and her associates broke into the apartment and carved the message "WE MISS YOU. COME BACK SOON." on the door as a warning to Caitlin.[4]

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