Cal DeVito (died 1967) was a motorcyclist and would-be mugger, whose untimely death created a small aberration that led the Legends to the location of the Legion of Doom following their confrontation in Chicago.


Original timeline

Sometime during or prior to 1967, Cal ended up either visiting or residing in Los Angeles, California. He would later go on to invent a new carburetor for shovelhead motorcycles.[1]

Aberration timeline

During his time in Los Angeles in 1967, Cal and another motorcyclist ran into Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk in an alleyway near the Vogue Theatre. Cal and his companion proceeded to dismount from their motorcycles and demanded the other men's wallets, and Cal pulled out his switchblade knife to show that he was serious. Merlyn and Darhk, who had been seeking transportation, offered to let Cal and the other cyclist live if they gave up their motorcycles. This angered Cal, who assumed that they were trying to be funny, and a fight broke out. Merlyn and Darhk killed the cyclists using League of Assassins combat techniques and took their bikes. Gideon detected the small aberration caused by Cal's death and identified the fighting styles used to kill him as belonging to the League, which led the Legends to Los Angeles in pursuit of the Legion of Doom.[1]


  • Motorcycle: Cal possessed a motorcycle which was presumably his primary mode of transportation. In the original timeline, he would use his accumulated knowledge of motorbikes to invent a new carburetor for Shovelhead motorcycles.[1]
  • Switchblade knife: Cal carried a switchblade knife with him, which he intended to use to intimidate his victims as a would-be mugger.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


  • The police photographs detailing the crime scene of Cal's murder give a thorough physical description. Cal was 6'1", weighed 230 lbs., and had hazel-colored eyes. His official cause of death was blunt force trauma, and the coroner's time of death for the day Cal died was given as 1:30 PM.[1]
  • According to Gideon, Cal and his companion were more specifically "...killed in close quarters [combat] with sezuki strikes to the xiphoid processes of their sternums."[1]


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