"Call to the Bar" is the fourteenth chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on January 9, 2013.


A key moment in Laurel's relationship with her sister sheds new light on the present in this flashback chapter.[1]


Sara Lance is fleeing from three girls and hides in a parking lot. She takes out a whistle from her backpack, but is quickly discovered by her pursuers. The leader, Gwen, physically attacks Sara, accusing her of trying to steal the former's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Gwen's friends steal Sara's bracelet and purse before dumping out her backpack's contents. After the girls leave, Sara makes her way home. Quentin asks why she is an hour late and inquires about her disheveled appearance, but Sara dodges the questions.

Laurel is in her bedroom sorting through pamphlets from Starling City University, trying to decide what to study in college. Quentin arrives and asks Laurel to keep an eye on her sister, citing Sara's odd behavior and slipping grades, which the latter overhears. Laurel reluctantly agrees.

The next day, Sara catches Laurel following her after school. Laurel explains that their father thought she might need some help, but Sara angrily rejects her sister's offer, claiming that she can take care of herself. Annoyed, Laurel walks off.

Shorty after, Sara is icing a black eye at home, with Quentin and Laurel having discovered that she is dealing with some bullies. When Quentin wonders why Laurel wasn't there for her sister, Laurel argues that Sara didn't want her help and they should just let her fight her own battles. However, Quentin states that in this family, they protect those who can't protect themselves, whether they want help or not. Despite their stubbornness, Quentin takes Laurel and Sara into the garage, where he begins teaching his daughters how to defend themselves.

Later, Laurel and Sara are walking home from school together and Sara explains Gwen's grudge with her. Just then, Gwen approaches the sisters and uses Sara's whistle to draw out her friends. She tells Laurel to leave so they can "talk" to Sara, but Laurel refuses. Laurel and Sara use their self-defense training to fight back against the bullies, eventually causing them to run off. Sara wonders if Laurel will ever let this go if she thanks her, to which her sister responds in the negative.

Sometime after, Laurel talks with her father, admitting he was right about Sara and how they should help protect the vulnerable and defenseless. Thus, she has decided to study pre-law at Starling University.



  • The term "call to the bar" is a legal jargon in common law. It represents the official moment an individual enters or is sworn into a law society, state bar association, or court and is allowed to practice law in that jurisdiction.


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