"If you’d have known what Turnbull was going to do to Calvert, would you have left?"
Jonah Hex asking Rip Hunter why he abandoned the town.[src]

Calvert was a town in Oklahoma that was destroyed by Quentin Turnbull in 1868.


Calvert destroyed

Calvert destroyed by Turnbull.

Rip Hunter came to Calvert on a mission from the Time Masters. However, he started to experience temporal drift, being drawn to the heroism that the Old West had to offer and stayed in Calvert. During his stay in the town, Rip met and befriended Jonah Hex. Rip left in 1868. The day after, Quentin Turnbull sacked and destroyed Calvert, leaving Jonah resentful of Rip for abandoning him and the town.

In 1874, Jonah avenged the destruction of Calvert, teaming up with the Legends to stop Turnbull's plans for creating his own lawless country. Jonah captured Turnbull and turned him over to the authorities.[1]


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Behind the scenes

  • In real life, Calvert is a city in Texas. However, it wasn't destroyed like this one.


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