Calvintown is a small town in the United States.


After their father's death, Kelly and James Olsen, together with their mother, moved to the home of their aunt Vi in Calvintown, where they spent their youth and early adolescence.

James did an internship at the local newspaper, The Calvintown Gazette, under Nelson Stewart.

In 2019, due to Kelly being targeted by Malefic J'onzz, she and James came back to the town being surprised by its great disarray, with the large increased homeless population, accompanied by a new prison. He discovered that a rational crime rate in the town which kept people in prisons lined the pockets of those in charge. This prompted James to move back to Calvintown with the intention to help the citizens, starting with buying The Calvintown Gazette.[1]




  • Calvintown prison


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Season 5


  • The legal system of the town had become very corrupt by 2019. As James learns, a woman got ten years imprisonment for minor theft, which at minimum is a few nights to weeks in jail.
    • The corrupt legal system has also put people out of jobs and orphaning children.


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