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"When I arrived in Camelot, it was a middling kingdom. To help me protect my piece of the Spear, I fashioned it into the legendary court of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table."

Camelot was a kingdom that existed on the island of Britannia in 507, somewhere in the region at the border of the modern countries of England and Wales.


Sometime during or prior to 507, Stargirl arrived in post-Roman Britannia, tasked with protecting a fragment of the Spear of Destiny. She found the era dangerous and uncivilized, and to better protect her fragment she used its power to bring the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table to life, using advanced science and magic to create an anachronistic kingdom reminiscent of the Arthurian legends, possessing technologies and culture of High and Late Medieval while simultaneously existing dab in the Dark Ages. She adopted the persona of magician and court adviser Merlin to help guide Arthur and his wife, Guinevere, in their rulership. To further keep her fragment of the Spear safe, Merlin hid it within the tip of a sword that she impaled upon a large stone; the sword in the stone was displayed beside the Round Table within Arthur's castle. Among the purest of the knights in Arthur's service was Sir Galahad, who was given a seat of honor at the Round Table for his deeds. Eventually, Merlin fell in love with Arthur, and the ideals of morality by which he lived, though she kept this love a secret from her companions.[1]

The Legends enter the court of Camelot.

In the year 507, Camelot was plagued by the presence of the Black Knight, a mysterious warrior who captured or killed many of Arthur's knights. The man behind the helmet was none other than a time traveling Damien Darhk, who had come to Camelot with Rip Hunter in search of the fragment of the Spear of Destiny. The Legends soon arrived, also looking for the piece of the Spear, and were brought before Arthur by Guinevere and several of their knights. Ray Palmer asked for safe passage while they pursued their quest, and Arthur and Guinevere in turn asked Merlin for her counsel, which caused her to reveal her true identity to the Legends. While Merlin spent time reconnecting with her former Justice Society of America teammate, Amaya Jiwe, Arthur went off on a hunt with a number of his knights. Their group soon encountered Darhk in the forest, who killed all of Arthur's men and helped place Arthur under the spell of Hunter's stolen mind-control technology, which he had also used on Arthur's captured knights. Together with some of Arthur's former men, they infiltrated Camelot under the ruse of Arthur having taken the Black Knight prisoner. After they entered the castle hall, they attacked the Knights of the Round Table, and Arthur killed Galahad by stabbing him with his sword. When Camelot's knights began to gain advantage due to their numbers, Hunter commanded Arthur to hold his sword against his own neck, holding himself hostage. They retreated from Camelot, giving the Legends and Merlin the ultimatum to hand over the fragment of the Spear, or to watch the kingdom fall the next day.[1]

Damien Darhk preparing to battle against Camelot's army.

Determined to fight for Camelot, Ray asked Guinevere to knight him so that he could fight for her. She obliged, naming him Sir Raymond of the Palms. While Camelot's knights prepared for battle against the mind-controlled Arthur, Amaya and Sara Lance attempted to secretly take the fragment of the Spear from the sword in the stone, but were discovered by Merlin. She eventually gave the Legends her blessing to take the fragment, and the pair returned to the Waverider. The team was unable to leave without Ray, however, and so Amaya, Sara, and Nate Heywood joined him on the battlefield the following morning while Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson worked on undoing Hunter's mind control technology. They were able to negate the devices' effects with the help of Mick Rory, freeing Arthur and his men mid-battle. Arthur then turned his sword on Hunter, severely wounding him, while Darhk fled on horseback. Ray attempted pursuit, but was defeated by Darhk when the latter underhandedly used a gun during their ensuing duel; Ray was later thanked for his service during the battle and told that he was always welcome in Camelot. Sara, meanwhile, had wooed Guinevere during the time they had spent together, and after giving the Queen a kiss goodbye, she jokingly coined herself 'Sara Lance-a-lot' as a play on the Queen's own words. Though welcome aboard the Waverider, Merlin chose to remain in Camelot in service to Arthur, despite no longer having a fragment of the Spear of Destiny to protect.[1]


The legends of king Arthur served as great inspiration to Ray Palmer during his youth, along with Stargirl, who recreated the kingdom of legend after ending up in 507. While modern civilization still regards Camelot as a myth, a knight resembling Sir Raymond of the Palms made its way into Arthurian legend following Ray's own exploits in the service of Camelot.[1]

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  • Camelot is the main kingdom in the Arthurian legend, speculated to be based on a Brythonic kingdom of the Dark Ages (with many presumed candidates for the location of Camelot, from Camulodunum in England to Camelford in Cornwall).