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Cameron Chase is an agent of the F.B.I..


Hunt for Toyman

After Winslow Schott Sr. escaped from prison Cameron Chase along with several other FBI Agents went to CatCo Worldwide Media looking for Winslow Schott Jr. seeking to find out whether his father had contacted him or not. Though Winn denied his father contacting him to Chase after she thoroughly questioned him, when Cameron went to inform him that she was leaving an Agent with him just in case his father showed up, he revealed to her that his father had in actuality contacted him that morning. Chase then had Winn wear a wire when he went to go talk to his father at the arcade, barging in with her team when they had eyes on the senior Schott in the arcade. Inside, Chase demanded that Toyman put his hands up, though the latter refused causing Chase to order for her agents to open fire on him. While shooting him, they realized that it was projection of Schott, and not Schott himself. Soon after, poison gas began to come out of several toys, though Supergirl arrived, sucking in the poison gas with her super breath, then flew up into the sky to release it.

Afterwards, Agent Chase questioned Winn on several of the statements his father had made, though she was called away to look at something by another agent. The next day, Chase fished around Winn's desk after he went missing on the day of the National City Toy Con, as she believed that Winn and his father might be working together. Later at the Toy Con, Agent Chase and her associates fired their guns at Winn after attempted to kill Chester Dunholtz, though he decided against it, firing in another direction.[1]


  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Cameron is a highly intelligent individual, an excellent tactician and leader.
  • Expert markswoman: As an agent of the FBI, Cameron is skilled in the use of firearms.



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Cameron Chase is a government agent who specializes in meta-human threats, most notably working for the D.E.O. She made her debut in Batman #550 (1998), created by Dan Curtis Johnson and J.H. Williams III.
    • In the Supergirl: Rebirth title, which incorporates several elements from the TV series, Supergirl works for the D.E.O. as led by Agent Chase.
  • Supergirl marked the live-action debut of Cameron Chase.
  • While Chase is usually depicted as a blonde in the comics, actress Emma Caulfield dyed her blond hair dark for the character.