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"We had a knockdown fight over Jason Brodeur. Camille worked for him, and his company had been dumping toxic waste into The Glades. Now, Camille told me that she'd gone and told a supervisor about it. I was afraid for my family's safety. And we argued very loudly, yes. Izzy started crying, so Camille went and stayed in her room. In the morning, I went to apologize, and that's when I found her. So I just grabbed Izzy, and I ran outside, and I called 911. I'm innocent, Ms. Lance."
Peter Declan to Laurel Lance[src]

Camille Declan (died 2007) was an employee of Brodeur Chemical. She was also the wife of Peter Declan and mother of Izzy Declan.


Early life[]

Camille worked for Brodeur Chemical. She soon married Peter Declan and sometime in or prior to 2007, Camille gave birth to their daughter, Izzy.

In 2007, Camille had discovered that Brodeur Chemical was illegally dumping toxic waste into the The Glades and began investigating. She compiled a file of evidence and reported her findings to a supervisor, Matt Istook.[1]


Shortly after, Camille told Peter her intentions of blowing the whistle on the company's CEO, Jason Brodeur. The couple then got into a heated argument over her potentially putting their family in danger. Izzy began crying due to their raised voices so Camille went to comfort her daughter and stayed in her room. Later that night, Camille was murdered by Brodeur's bodyguard, Ankov, who stabbed her to death with a kitchen knife and framed her husband for the crime.[1]


Five years later, Camille got justice for her death after the THood helped Laurel Lance; prove Jason Brodeur orchestrated her murder. Brodeur and his bodyguard, Ankov were arrested while Camille's husband, Peter Declan's name was cleared.[1]



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