The Canaries is a vigilante team operating in Star City.


In 2040, Laurel Lance time traveled from 2020 in order to prevent the kidnapping of Bianca Bertinelli which would have originally led to the fall of Star City in 2041. She went to find Dinah Drake who was time displaced in 2040 after Oliver Queen's funeral. Both of them went to find Mia Queen, who was the Green Arrow of 2040 (original multiverse). They both restored the original multiverse memories of Mia.[1]

Later, they planned to track down a car who was believed to be the one belonged to the kidnappers of Bianca. Laurel and Dinah gave Mia her Green Arrow suit. However, Mia refused to wear it. During the battle, they encountered Deathstroke as they returned to Dinah's home.[1]

In their second encounter with Deathstroke, they found out he was Trevor, ex-boyfriend of Bianca. Trevor's group fought against the team and he escaped to the rooftop. When they arrived at the rooftop, Trevor broke the pipes and released explosive gas. Later, he lit a match and the team zip-lined onto the ground along with Bianca.[1]

After the battle, Laurel and Dinah returned to the base as Mia retuned home. Laurel decided to stay in 2040 and had a conversation with Dinah. Dinah later claimed her home could be a base of operations of the Canaries with Laurel doubting the meaning of the Canaries.[1]

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  • The Canary Network seems to take inspiration from the Birds of Prey team in the DC Comics, as both are teams of mostly female vigilantes who work together to preserve the safety of their respective cities.


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