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"I knew Laurel Lance for almost her entire life. She was my friend and I loved her. Before she died, I was lucky enough to hear her tell me that she loved me too. Laurel Lance became a lawyer to help people who may have appeared helpless. She wanted to give a voice to the silent. But just being a lawyer wasn't enough. She wanted to do more for those people, and for this city. And she loved this city so much. By now, everyone knows that Laurel was killed in the Iron Heights Prison riot. And while it's true that she was an assistant district attorney, that's not what she was doing there that night. Before she died, Laurel told me the truth: Laurel Lance was the Black Canary. And for the past few days, I have had to sit and listen to people try and paint the Black Canary as a criminal. She was not a criminal. She was a hero. She was a hero in every way that a person can be. And if Laurel were here, I know that she would expect all of us to live up to the example that she set. She'd want us to save our city."
Oliver Queen's eulogy
"Canary Cry" is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the eighty-eighth episode overall. It aired on April 27, 2016.


Oliver and the team struggle to come to terms with Laurel's death, especially Diggle who is overwhelmed with guilt for choosing to believe Andy had changed. Meanwhile, Lance refuses to believe his daughter is really gone and asks Nyssa to help bring her back. A recent Black Canary sighting in Star City only seems to prove his theory that Laurel isn't actually dead.[src]


The scene opens at a memorial service, where Oliver is welcomed up to convey the commendation yet can't be there. Rather, Laurel rises up to state a couple of words.

The burial service, which occurred in May of 2013, was for Tommy Merlyn, where Laurel conveys an offhand tribute complete with a hidden swipe at Oliver, while he observes as a passive spectator. At that point, she says something to recover him as he leaves.

In the current day, Lance strolls through the different individuals from Team Arrow and steps into Laurel's room, where she's still there on the bed. He cries, and the specialist hands off the Black Canary outfit to Oliver. Arrow can scarcely talk and stuns away from the room.

At the Lair, Oliver and Diggle talk about the circumstance with his sibling. Diggle feels awful that on the off chance that he had tuned in to Oliver as opposed to confiding in his sibling, Laurel would be alive at this point.

On News 52, Alex declares by means of a question and answer session that ADA Laurel Lance has kicked the bucket and that her assumed executioner, Damien Darhk, is still on the loose.

An arms bargain is going on in a parking area when a lady dressed like Black Canary uses her sonic shout to wreck the men, takes everything from an open vehicle trunk, and make off.

At the sanctuary, Felicity, Thea, and Diggle appear at react to Oliver's call for Team Arrow. Arrow shows up not long after with a paper that demonstrates Black Canary was back in real life the previous evening. Arrow is frantic to trust Laurel is as yet alive, which the group attempts to debilitate, however they can't think of a superior thought.

At the point when they head to the funeral home to keep an eye on Laurel, her body is still in the cabinet, discouraging Lance. He runs out, yet Oliver stops to disclose to Laurel's primary care physician that he accepts someone took the sonic gadget from her possessions. The specialist says that there's a genuinely customary patient who may be a decent suspect, yet she can't reveal to him who it is because of secrecy rules.

In the flashback, Oliver goes to Oliver's loft to converse with her about Tommy's memorial service. Oliver discloses to her that he remained up the entire evening chipping away at a commendation, yet couldn't move beyond the possibility that he fizzled Tommy. She discloses to him that he can't censure himself for what happened to Tommy, yet Oliver says she would accuse him as well, in the event that she knew reality.

At the Lair, Felicity is attempting to follow the new Canary through facial acknowledgment, however Diggle is occupied. He admits to Felicity that his sibling was working with Darhk and answerable for what occurred.

Alex and Thea are out on the town, attempting to divert Thea from everything that is going on. She asks him for what good reason he turned into a political usable, however before he can reply, the lady wearing Black Canary's ensemble and sonic gadget assaults him. She about murders him before Thea stops her, and afterward calls Oliver in. At the point when he goes to challenge her, she hits him over and again with the sonics, saying that he "bombed this city" when he "left us to pass on" at Reddington. She flees.

Since Cisco had keyed the gadget to Laurel's voice, it shouldn't be working for this young lady — yet by one way or another it is working. Oliver says Reddington was where HIVE was holding Team Arrow prisoner during the Christmas celebration. Clearly this present young lady's folks kicked the bucket that night, and she accuses Green Arrow.

At his home, Lance has brought in Nyssa with expectations of utilizing the Lazarus Pit. She says she previously crushed the pit and he leaves, distressed.

At Oliver's relinquished battle base camp, Felicity comes to discover Oliver alone, pounding himself over everything that is occurred. Felicity says she's accusing herself, as well, however Oliver reveals to her that actually the explanation he accuses himself is that it gives him a purpose behind outlandish circumstances.

Thea calls Felicity to state Lyla called searching for Diggle, however that he should beware of her.

As Spartan, Diggle stops Ruve Adams' limo by shooting the drivers and hauls her out of the limo. At the point when starts getting keen with him, he gun whips her. As he's going to shoot her, Oliver shows up and takes the firearm out of his hands with a bolt, revealing to Diggle he can't assault the chairman of the city, regardless of what her identity is. Diggle says that he needs to discover his sibling and get him off the lanes. Oliver discloses to him that Laurel would anticipate that them should be superior to this.

On TV, Adams accuses Team Arrow for murdering Laurel, saying that Black Canary assaulted her head of staff and afterward one f the vigilantes assaulted her vehicle today around evening time. She has requested the DA to give capture warrants for Team Arrow, beginning with Black Canary.

Oliver realizes that a terrified high school young lady is currently in the focus and says they have to locate the phony Canary — Evelyn Sharp — before the police do.

Nyssa considers Oliver to discuss her dread that Lance is in torment yet in addition disavowal. Oliver discloses to Nyssa that he's horrifying over not having the option to help.

In the flashbacks, Oliver and Laurel lounge around seeing old pictures and looking at losing Tommy. She gets some information about what Ollie had said before regarding needing to make the city a superior spot, and recommends they could do it together. The two kiss, and she says she's amped up for the future, yet Oliver is plainly vexed.

At a previous League of Assassins safehouse, Oliver shows up to stop Lance, who is searching for League individuals who can assist him with bringing her back. Oliver reveals to Lance that if there was any approach to bring her back, he would, however there isn't.

Arrow discloses to him that Laurel was his stone — the person who helped him through losing Sara, through his separation, everything. He can't envision working without her.

At the Lair, Felicity apologizes to Diggle for not making some noise sufficiently quick to get him out of his blame. The two discussion about it, empowering each other that what happened wasn't their issues.

Simply at that point, they get a facial acknowledgment hit — Evelyn is going to assault Ruve Adams at a celebration.

At the celebration, Adams is happy dealing with the group as Team Arrow is searching for Evelyn. She's gotten by a security monitor, however utilizes the shout to debilitate him. She shoots a couple more watches on her way to the assembly hall where she intends to assault Adams. Oliver stops her, revealing to her that while he realizes she needs retribution, this isn't the best approach to get it. She says it's the main way she has left. In the dance hall, ultimately, Oliver figures out how to talk her down utilizing the genuine Black Canary as a motivation. At the point when Adams sends a SWAT group after Oliver, he shoots a catching snare bolt at the roof and escapes through a bay window.

Back at the Lair, Thea is disturbed that Evelyn has contaminated the Black Canary's inheritance — yet Oliver is certain that won't occur.

Afterward, at the burial ground, Dinah Lance is still willfully ignorant about Laurel's passing, certain that she's going to return to them like Sara did. Oliver remains close to her coffin to convey a commendation. Over the span of her tribute, with Evelyn looking on, Oliver tells those collected that Laurel was executed in real life as the Black Canary, and that if Laurel were here, he realizes that she would anticipate that them should satisfy her model and spare their city.

In a last flashback, Laurel is in her condo when a note is passed under the entryway. It's from Oliver, who reveals to her that he needs to disappear, and possibly he'll return in the long run. He gives her the photograph of her that stayed with him on the island.

Afterward, at her grave, Oliver remains solitary before a tombstone when Barry shows up. Oliver discloses to Barry he's going to slaughter Darhk, and requests to be disregarded. At that point he contacts the substance of Laurel's tombstone and cries. Underneath her name, and the dates of her introduction to the world and passing, is engraved "The Black Canary."

In the limo, a crying Felicity reveals to Oliver that they need to execute Darhk. Oliver says he knows, yet he doesn't have the foggiest idea how. He says that he's seen the enchantment previously, back on Lian Yu, and it's something other than enchantment: it's murkiness, and he's always been unable to defeat the dimness. Felicity says she won't accept that Darhk is relentless, or Laurel will have died in vain.



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Preparation ran from February 15 until February 23, 2016. Shooting ran from February 24 until March 4, 2016.[1]


  • Barry Allen is depicted with his speed in this episode, even though he should have lost his speed to Zoom around the same time on The Flash, unless this episode possibly takes place before "Versus Zoom".
  • During Laurel's funeral, when the priest invites Oliver to talk, the tombstone behind him says "-M Clayton". This is possibly a reference to William Clayton being one of the candidates for dying this season.
  • This episode introduces Evelyn Sharp, who becomes the vigilante "Artemis" in Season 5 until her betrayal.
  • In the final flashback, Laurel's last appearance in which she is alive, she is wearing the same clothes she wore in her very first appearance in "Pilot".
  • When Ruvé Adams orders the Green Arrow to be arrested, Oliver states "I've seen this movie before" and escapes by shooting his grappling hook through a glass domed ceiling. The movie Oliver was referring to was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves where Robin Hood uses the same tactic to escape the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • This is the final appearance of Katie Cassidy as a series regular until Season 6.
  • Alex Kingston makes her final appearance in this episode as she didn't appear again for the duration of the series.


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