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The Canary Cry is a weapon created by Cisco Ramon for Laurel Lance that projects sonic waves when used. After Laurel's death, the device was stolen and used by Evelyn Sharp.


After Laurel Lance approached Cisco Ramon to improve her sister Sara's sonic device, he refitted it to work in a collar, known as the "Canary Cry", though more powerful; Cisco quadrupled the range of the sonic blast and tripled the resonance. In return, Laurel gave Cisco a picture of him and the Black Canary together.[1]

Laurel used the Canary Cry to attack and stun her opponents whilst in the field as Black Canary. She also took down opponents with special technological abilities; Curtis Holt once briefly adjusted the the Canary Cry's scream so Laurel could cancel out the frequency of Brie Larvan's robotic bees.[2]

After Laurel's death, the Canary Cry was stolen by an orphaned teenager named Evelyn Sharp, who modified it to work with her vocal cords and produce deadlier sonic waves. Evelyn began masquerading as Black Canary and used the Canary Cry in her crusade to kill anyone affiliated with H.I.V.E. in order to avenge her parents' deaths.[3] After Green Arrow talked her out of killing Ruvé Adams, Evelyn dropped the Black Canary moniker, but still used the Canary Cry for her other vigilante activities in Star City.[4]

Upon joining Team Arrow, Evelyn returned the Canary Cry to them.

A couple years later, Felicity Smoak upgraded the Canary Cry to a sonic bracelet so the device could be worn around one's wrist, instead of their neck.[5]

Weapon specifications

  • Sonic attack: Like the sonic device, the user can utilize the Canary Cry to generate sonic waves. Whilst in the field, Laurel Lance wears the collar on her neck to produce high frequency waves which have proven to be powerful enough to shatter glass and blast an adult male several feet back through the air. It appears to be activated by the wearer's shriek (making it look like a sonic scream). After Evelyn Sharp modified the Canary Cry, it produced sonic waves at much higher decibels, becoming powerful enough to override Team Arrow's protective earplugs.
  • Voice recognition: Cisco Ramon designed the Canary Cry to specifically recognize and work with only Laurel's vocal cords. Later, Evelyn tuned the device to operate with her voice as well.[3]

Known users


The Flash

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  • The Canary Cry is the ability used by Black Canary in DC comic books and was showcased in various other media. Generally, the Canary Cry is initially portrayed as a magically-induced and later genetic ability that Black Canary was born with. However, after having her throat slit during a mission gone wrong with Green Arrow, Black Canary lost her meta-human ability due to the damage to her vocal cords. Afterwards, she was given a technological sonic device that could mimic her original abilities. Eventually, Black Canary's powers were restored after she was given access to a Lazarus Pit by Ra's al Ghul.

Behind the scenes

  • The design of the Canary Cry weapon as a choker is a nod to Black Canary's classic costume.


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