The Canary necklace is a necklace owned by Laurel Lance in the alternate reality created by the Dominators.


In October 2018, Dinah Drake gave Zoe Ramirez a Canary necklace that looked just like this.[1]

Alternate reality

In the Dominators' alternate reality, the Canary necklace was given to Laurel Lance as a gift from her fiancé, Oliver Queen. When Sara Lance came to visit Laurel the night before her wedding, she saw and complimented the necklace. Laurel revealed the symbol was a canary, which triggered a flashback of the real world from Sara. Later that night, Laurel wore the necklace at her and Oliver's rehearsal dinner.[2]



Season 5

Season 7

Behind the scenes

  • The canary logo on the necklace is the Black Canary's logo from the Birds of Prey in the comics.


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