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Candice Long, also known as the "Candy Lady", is a former child trafficker who worked with the False Face Society.


Trafficking operation

Candice Long at one point became a child trafficker, using candy to lure certain children, primarily orphans and runaways, into a van before kidnapping and holding them captive in her home for weeks. After utilizing psychological torture and convincing her hostages that they were forgotten and abandoned, Candice sold the children to gangs, making it easier for their buyers to manipulate them for their own ends. Over the years, she maintained a cover as a normal suburban homemaker to conceal her activities.[1]

The girl who escaped

In 2003, Candice kidnapped Ryan Wilder by luring her into her van with the promise of comic books. At her house, Candice tried convincing Ryan that nobody wanted her and put a jar of candies in the girl's room, taking one candy away for each day nobody would come for her. After all the 60 candies would be gone, it would prove her right. Several days later, a volunteer group from Gotham University showed up at Candice's house looking for a missing child. She tied up and gagged Ryan to avoid alerting them. However, it turned out the volunteers were searching for a white girl and not Ryan. Candice used this to further torture Ryan.

After several weeks, Candice kidnapped another girl. Unbeknownst to her however, the child had let herself get captured on purpose to help Ryan escape. When entering Ryan's room, Candice was attacked with a catapult. She managed to use sedative spray to knock out Ryan but was then incapacitated with the other girl throwing a candy jar at her head, allowing the girls to escape.

After this incident, Candice evaded authorities and continued her operations.[1] Meanwhile, this incident greatly affected Ryan and was considered by her a pivotal moment in her life.[2]


In mid-2020, Candice kidnapped Kevin Johnson and sold him to the False Face Society. When a grown-up Ryan showed up at her house asking questions Candice swiftly sedated her and tied her up in the room. Hearing noises, Candice found Ryan had cut her bonds with glass. After a violent struggle, the two fell off the stairs and Ryan revealed herself as the girl from the past. Candice mocked Ryan and told her that Kevin was already sold. She then got knocked out and was arrested by the cops, with her 20-year long operations exposed.[1]


Hiding behind the persona of a kind, motherly and charming woman, Candice was in fact a ruthless predator. Kidnapping countless children, Candice sadistically broke their spirits by making them feel like nobody wanted them before selling these children at a profit for herself she also showed no remorse for selling innocent children and laughed like crazy as ryan beat her showing that she does not care what happens to the children.[1]


  • Master manipulator: Candice used psychological manipulation to kidnap children and deceive them. She was highly gifted in depriving them of any hope and breaking their spirit so they could be trained into criminals.[1]
  • Expert tactician: Candice was able to kidnap children for at least 17 years without leaving traces behind. She made sure to specifically scout for and target kids whose backgrounds meant their disappearance would warrant little to no attention. While normally going only after children, Candice had no problem kidnapping an adult Ryan Wilder. She was shown to be quick at improvisation if needed.[1]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Despite Candice's advanced age, she was able to put up a decent fight against the highly skilled Ryan while confronted.[1]


  • Sleeping gas: Candice wielded a can with sedative gas that was able to render people unconscious in mere seconds.[1]
  • Knife: Candice used a kitchen knife when investigating Ryan Wilder's attempted escape.[1]



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