Candice Olson is a published author on Earth-1.


At some point in time Candice Olson has become a published author on Earth-1, her works published as a serialized magazine which came with a special, brand-named folder.[1]

Candice Olson folder on Liv Aberdine's mother's kitchen

Candice Olson folder on Liv Aberdine's mother's kitchen.

Liv Aberdine's mother had a folder with Candice Olson magazines in it.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • In the real world, Candice Olson is a Candian designer, known also as the host of the Toronto-based home-makeover shows Divine Design and Candice Tells All, which aired on the W Network in Canada and on HGTV in the United States. The prop folder with magazines used as a prop was likely a collection of her magazines about interior design.


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