Carbine is a compound found on Earth-2.


After traveling to Earth-3 and defeating Jay Garrick, Zoom captured him, dampened his speed with a mask, and as a secondary measure, imprisoned him in a carbine chamber.[citation needed]

After killing Deathstorm and Reverb for disobeying him, Zoom snatched Barry and imprisoned him in a carbine cell, from which he couldn't escape.[citation needed]

Zoom showed to be able to pass through the compound with extreme ease, and then proceeded to pummel Barry, and then sped off. With the encouragement of a normal guy, Barry was able to finally phase out of the chamber.[citation needed]

After stealing Barry's speed, and thereby curing himself and amplifying his speed even more, Zoom abducted Caitlin and took her to his lair. There, she met Killer Frost, who Zoom trapped in a carbine chamber. But by working together, they were able to destroy the chamber.[citation needed]


Carbine is a unique compound, that can't be phased through by speedsters easily, and Killer Frost's powers didn't affect it. However, Zoom showed that he can easily pass through it, due to his speed having been tremendously boosted by the Velocity serum.


The Flash

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