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"You can't hurt Bork, but Bork can hurt you!"
—Carl Bork[src]

Carl Bork (died January 2019) was a meta-human criminal who was killed by Cicada in his vendetta.


Under unknown circumstances, Carl Bork gained meta-human powers.

In an alleyway, Bork and Norvock stood before a reinforced concrete wall. In order to break in, Bork punched the wall, shattering it. The two were ambushed by Cicada, who drained their powers. Bork tried to fight Cicada, but he counterattacked, causing Bork to hit Norvock, knocking him down, and then prepared to kill Norvock. Norvock ran away, and Bork grabbed Cicada to hold him off, and after a brief fight Cicada killed him.[1]


Bork's death was avenged when future Grace Gibbons killed Dwyer.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Carl Bork's DNA was altered by exposure to dark matter, allowing him to access his newfound powers.[1]
    • Superhuman strength: Carl's powers grant him super strength, making him strong enough to break a large hole in a wall of reinforced concrete with a single punch.[1]
    • Superhuman durability: Carl's powers also seem to grant him enhanced durability, as he showed no discomfort whatsoever after punching a hole in a wall of concrete. However, when Cicada showed up and his dagger negated Bork's powers, Bork threw several punches at Cicada, but Cicada managed to dodge one punch. This caused Bork to hit another section of the wall instead, without the benefit of his powers, causing him pain.[1]


  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Bork was able to fight on par with Cicada and even briefly overpower him.[1]


The Flash

Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • Carl Bork first appeared in Brave and the Bold series 1 #81, (December 1968) as a thief who gained the power of invulnerability through a mystical statue, requiring Batman to keep him occupied while the Flash researched how he could negate Bork's invulnerability. Bork was later re-introduced in JLA #61/2 (February 2002).
    • In "Seeing Red", Carl Bork says, "You can't hurt Bork, but Bork can hurt you!". This is the exact line that Bork says on the cover of The Brave and the Bold #81.