Carmine Broome (died 2016) was a small-time criminal in Central City and an accomplice of Mick Rory.


In 2016 after Mick Rory briefly came back from time-travel missions with Rip Hunter, he chose Carmine as his partner, giving him a cold gun. During a Central City Bank robbery Carmine had shot a security guard with it, which Rory thought of as inefficient waste of ammo. After a small argument he had incinerated Carmine with his heat gun and fled the scene with Ray Palmer as a getaway driver.[1]


Carmine Broome uses a cold gun

Carmine Broome uses a cold gun as Mick Rory observes.

  • Cold Gun knowledge: Carmine at the very least knew how to operate the cold gun efficiently.


  • Cold Gun: Carmine used a cold gun at least during one of the robberies with Mick Rory.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1

Behind the scenes

Carmine Broome in the end credits

Name Carmine Broome in the end credits of Legendary.

  • Carmine Broome's name was only given in the end credits of the episode.
  • He was named after Carmine Infantino and John Broome, who originally created Leonard Snart for DC Comics in 1957.
  • Character's biography is somewhat similar to a DC Comics characters using a legacy name Chillblaine: temporary partners of Lisa Snart whom she had given her brother's Cold Gun while he was not able to participate in criminal activities. While in the series, Mick Rory replaces Lisa as the one who gives the Snart's gun, basic situation is the same complete with Rory killing the partner like both Snarts did at times.
    • He is also similar to the DC Comics character Chill, who, after Captain Cold's Rogues refused to join Libra's evil cult, led a faction called the New Rogues, possessing one of Captain Cold's Cold Guns seized by SCPD, and later taken by Libra's Secret Society. Chill challenged Snart and the Rogues, calling them old and out of touch, only to be killed by the joint efforts of Leonard Snart and Mick Rory, for daring to misuse their weaponry and identity.


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