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For the criminal also known as Rainbow Raider, see Roy Bivolo.

Carrie Bates, nicknamed Rainbow Raider 2.0 by Cisco Ramon, is a former collections officer who attempted to give away money to Central City. After learning of her altruistic motives, Cisco renamed her Rainbow Robin Hood


Early life

Some time in her life, Carrie was part of six different collection agencies, fired from each one in the span of three months for cancelling huge medical debt instead of collecting.[1]

Facing Team Flash

Carrie battles Team Flash.

She later robbed a bank of ten millions dollars, bringing her to the attention of Team Flash. After realising her powers were similar, albeit more powerful, to that of Roy Bivolo, Cisco Ramon nick-named her Rainbow Raider 2.0. She was leaving a bank when Mecha-Vibe and the Flash confronted her, though their attempt to use a weapon designed against the original Rainbow Raider failed. Carrie then used her powers on a near-by man, who subsequently felt the desire to steal a car. Although he was stopped by the Flash, Mecha-Vibe was hit with the same attack, making him overwhelmingly euphoric.

Carrie visiting Ferris Air.

Later, Carrie went to Ferris Air's airfield to steal one of their stealth blimps, stocking it with valuables with the intent to disperse them amongst the denizens of Central City. However, both Mecha-Vibe and the Flash infiltrated the blimp with the aid of Allegra Garcia, and Carrie defended her actions by stating she was simply giving away fortune to the less fortunate, akin to Robin Hood, and that the system has failed them. The Flash sympathized with her statement and told her she wouldn't be going to Iron Heights, and would instead work off her sentence by serving in Mayor Sampson's Economic Development Committee. In disbelief, Carrie thanked and hailed the Flash as a hero for his decision.

Just then, the blimp they were in began destabilizing due to the auto-navigation being damaged. As Team Flash began debating solutions, Carrie promised she never meant to hurt anyone. Cisco decides that the others evacuate the area and allow him to resolve the situation, leaving him behind. The Flash then phased Carrie and Allegra out of the blimp to safety along with the surrounding denizens of the city. The blimp was then restored and returned to Ferris Air thanks to Team Flash, leaving Carrie to work off her aforementioned sentence as promised.[1]


Carrie seems to be passionate in aiding those less fortunate, being uncompromisingly aware of how the system often failed them. Due to this unwavering faith, she was willing to cross lines in order to achieve her goals, though would attempt to avoid any possible causalities in the process.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Carrie Bates became a meta-human.[1]
    • Pathokinesis: Much like the original Rainbow Raider, Carrie Bates has the ability to manipulate people's emotions by making direct eye contact, though at a much wider and stronger rate. During a confrontation with Team Flash, she used her powers to make Mecha-Vibe feel overwhelmingly happy and manipulated a man to steal a car. She can even affect Flash immediately, while Bivolo's affect was gradual.[1]


The Flash

Season 7

Behind the scenes

  • Carrie Bates is a reference to prominent DC comics Flash writer Cary Bates, who co-created Rainbow Raider with Don Heck.
  • Her power works similar to the desire mojo of Lucifer Morningstar from Earth-666. Only Carrie additionally compels her targets to immediately follow whatever idea gives them joy.