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Carson Williams (died 2020) was a meta-human who works for the Meta Force Project of the A.S.A..


Original multiverse

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Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Carson as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[1] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[2]

New multiverse

Final mission

Williams met with Odell and Sara Grey and was told to eliminate all classified information that A.S.A. had in Freeland. As part of his mission, he found Helga Jace bound in a chair and shot her in the neck.

Later, Commander Williams found Lynn Stewart and told her his orders as well as the fate of Dr. Jace. Lynn, who realized that she was on his kill list, told Williams that he was a meta-human; he disagreed, saying he was a soldier. As he fired upon her, Williams was slapped by Lynn with enough force to kill him.[3]


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Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Carson received his abilities due to being one of the kids who received the vaccine.
    • Power mimicry: Carson has the ability to mimic the abilities of any meta-human he comes in contact with.


  • Peak of human physical condition: Carson was in top physical condition from his time with The A.S.A.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/martial artist: Carson was a proficient unarmed combatant due to his training from The A.S.A.
  • Skilled Marksman: Carson was proficient in the use of firearms.


  • Failing health: Due to the nature of his powers, he needs to take a special serum regularly to stay healthy.
"The thing is, you got a lot of electricity coursing through your nervous system right now. I got this suit to protect me. You don't, meta."
Jefferson Pierce[src]
  • Black Lightning's powers: He can use Black Lightning's powers but can't withstand the electrical output.


Black Lightning

Season 3