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For the next reincarnation of Khufu who is also referred to as Carter Hall, see Scythian Torvil.

Carter Hall (died October 19, 1975) was a reincarnation of the Egyptian Prince Khufu and the superhero Hawkman. After his death, he was reincarnated into Scythian Torvil who went on to take his identity.


Early life[]

Not much is known of Carter Hall's early life during this incarnation. It can be assumed that at some point prior to 2015, he was able to unlock his powers by jumping or falling from a great height and regained his memories of his previous incarnations.

Finding Kendra and battling Vandal Savage[]

In late 2015, Carter tracked down Kendra Saunders, the current incarnation of Hawkgirl, to Star City and traveled there to find her. Upon discovering Kendra with Cisco Ramon, Carter kidnapped her in order to explain the origin of their past lives together. Just then, he was subdued by the combined efforts of Green Arrow and the Flash.

Carter was then taken to the Arrowcave, where he was held captive by Team Arrow and Team Flash. When confronted by Kendra, Carter explained that they were the reincarnations of the Egyptian Prince Khufu and Priestess Chay-Ara. He went on to detail how Vandal Savage, a man from their past in Egypt, seeks them out in each reincarnation and executes them so that he may extend his own life, having successfully killed them 206 times. Carter offered to show Kendra how to unlock her dormant abilities, an offer that she eventually accepted.

Carter took Kendra to the roof of a skyscraper and instructed her to jump off. When Kendra expressed reluctance, Carter pushed her off. The Flash, who was present at the time, raced down the side of the building and caught Kendra before she could hit the pavement. Carter simply expressed confusion that Kendra's powers had not awoken. Kendra later repeated the attempt on her own and unlocked her Hawkgirl persona.[1]

After Green Arrow and the Flash confronted Savage in Star City, their teams relocated to a farm on the outskirts of Central City. Carter and Kendra joined forces with the two teams to defeat Savage. As everyone coordinated their plans on how to locate and kill Savage, Oliver suggested that Kendra should learn to master her newly awakened abilities. Carter then volunteered to take charge of her training.

Carter Hall speaks Egyptian

Carter speaks to Kendra.

Later, when Oliver and Barry returned from a meeting with Savage, Oliver revealed they had 24 hours to deliver Hawkman and Hawkgirl over to Savage or he would wipe out Central City. Kendra decided that her life was not worth the deaths of numerous innocent people and left the house. Carter ran after and eventually caught up to Kendra, after which she asked if they have ever killed themselves to deny Savage the chance of killing them himself. Carter dismissed the notion, though it was apparent that he had never considered the possibility. Carter tried to calm her down but Kendra noted that everyone back at the farmhouse was willing to die to protect them. However, Carter pointed out that this act of bravery was what made all of them heroes. He then told Kendra that if she did not want the others to die for her, she should focus on becoming the warrior that he knows she is. Carter then had Kendra attack him and easily bested her. Kendra eventually lost her temper and managed to tackle Carter down, unlocking her powers again.

Felicity Smoak then arrived and told revealed some information they had discovering on Vandal Savage. Inside, she played the tape given to her by John Diggle. In the tape, scientist and professor Aldus Boardman explained his knowledge of Hath-Set/Vandal Savage, Khufu, and Chay-Ara's origins. He revealed that Savage's immortality was a result of an "unearthly calamity" and anything related to that disaster could possibly reverse its effects on Savage.

Later that night, after Oliver and Barry learned about the Staff of Horus, a staff owned by Savage in Egypt which was present during Carter and Kendra's original deaths, Oliver came up with a plan to defeat Savage: he and Barry would lure Savage into an ambush by seemingly giving in to Savage demands of handing over Kendra and Carter. When Savage had his guard down, Barry would kill him with the staff using a pair of gauntlets designed by Cisco.

Original timeline: The plan failed when Kendra was unable to unlock her abilities and the gauntlets malfunctioned. Savage overpowered Green Arrow and the Flash before killing Carter by throwing a pair of knives into his chest and Kendra by fatally stabbing her in the stomach. With the Staff of Horus, Savage unleashed an energy blast that vaporized Oliver and everyone else in Central City.

Speedy, Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Flash, Spartan, Hawkgirl and Carter Hall after facing Vandal Savage

Speedy, Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Flash, Spartan, Hawkgirl and Carter Hall after facing Vandal Savage.

Current timeline: Barry managed to escape from Savage's attack and travel back in time prevent the previous events from happening. This time, Kendra successfully unlocked her abilities and she, Carter, Spartan, Speedy, and Black Canary battled Savage, until the Flash was able to disarm him of his staff. Savage was seemingly killed by the Staff of Horus with the combined might of the Flash and Green Arrow, reducing him to a pile of ash.

Carter and Kendra then decided to leave Central City to continue helping people.[2]

Aiding Rip Hunter[]

Rip Hunter explaining the mission to the eight people he essentially kidnapped

Rip Hunter explaining the mission to the eight people he essentially kidnapped.

Two months later in St. Roch, Carter and Kendra saved some civilians from a fire. Carter scolded Kendra about her flying and the two had an argument. Rip Hunter then arrived, suggesting the two consider couples counseling, and knocked them out with an unknown device. Carter and Kendra then woke up next to Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, Leonard Snart, Mick Rory, Martin Stein, and Jefferson Jackson. Rip told the group he needs their help to take down Vandal Savage again as during his time in the year 2166, Savage had conquered most of the world. Rip claimed the group were considered "Legends" in the future.

Legends assemble

Legends assemble.

Carter wanted to join Rip's mission, pointing out that this could be there chance to defeat Savage once and for all, but Kendra refused and suggested they flee instead. Carter tried to confess how much it hurt to see Kendra, whom he loved, die in front of him 206 times, but she remained stubborn. Carter then goaded Kendra into settling this "like warriors", which she agreed to. The duo had a battle, which Carter won. Carter and Kendra joined the team aboard Rip's ship, the Waverider. Rip welcomed them onboard and explained that to track down and destroy Savage before he destroys humanity and time itself, they must go to the only one who is an expert on him: Aldus Boardman.

Rip Hunter pilots the Waverider for his team for the first time

The Legends.

Arriving in the year 1975, Rip brought Ray, Martin, Kendra, and Carter, with him, claiming he did not need the skillsets of Snart, Mick, or Sara's skillsets. Arriving at St. Roch University, the group met Boardman, who recognized Kendra and Carter as his reincarnated mother and father. Boardman explained that Savage spent his years causing war and numerous others atrocities all over the world to keep his anonymity and gave them a journal detailing all the information he had on the immortal. Suddenly, Rip got an alert from Gideon, the Waverider's A.I., that the ship was under attack. Kendra and Carter were unwilling to leave their son behind and demanded Aldus come with them, despite to Rip's protests. Arriving at the Waverider, Rip realized the ship was under attack by Chronos, an assassin sent by the Time Masters. Working together, the team managed to fight Chronos off long enough to escape. In the process though, Boardman was severely injured. Carter and Kendra rushed to their son's aid and brought him onto the ship.

After they escaped, Kendra blamed Rip for Aldus' condition punched him, demanding he tell them who Chronos was and the real reason he recruited them. Rip revealed his mission was against the Time Masters' wishes and was motivated by revenge against Savage for murdering his wife and son. He only picked the six of them because they had no impact on the future. Rip apologized for misleading them and the team then decided to take a moment to decide whether to stay. After talking to Aldus, Kendra thanked Carter for taking her side in bringing him aboard. Later, everyone came together, with Kendra revealing that Aldus had passed away. Rip urged her not to blame herself and stated everyone that time itself, alongside Chronos and Savage, would be one of their enemies. The team decided to stay together to defeat Savage and earn their rightful place in history, with Carter proclaiming that all he wanted to do was make sure Savage was killed for good this time. Rip then proceeded to take them to the lead he had learned from Aldus' journal.[3]

Finding Savage and death[]

Thanks to Aldus' journal, the team discovered they had to infiltrate an arms deal in Norway that Savage was attending. When Kendra and Carter wondered why they couldn't go back in time to save Aldus, Rip explained they couldn't change things they've already been involved in. Rip then revealed a room in the Waverider which can give them outfits for any era.

The team made it into the exchange and talked their way inside. Kendra, Carter, and Jax watched from a nearby rooftop as it became clear that Savage is selling a warhead. As Savage prepared to auction off the weapon, he began to sense Carter and Kendra's presence. The bidding began where those interested fire off a round in the air, with a younger Damien Darhk among those participating. When suspicions arose regarding the Legends, Mick fired off a round and secured the winning bid, but when confronted by Darhk and Savage, a fight broke out. Kendra and Carter flew in to capture Savage, but he set the warhead to explode and gave them the ultimatum of catching him or stopping the bomb. Firestorm carried off the bomb and managed to absorb the explosion once it detonated.

On the Waverider, everyone blamed each other for what went wrong, only for Rip to point out the bigger problem: they’d revealed themselves to Savage and one of his men found the technology Ray left behind, which they're working on weaponizing. Fortunately, they have time to fix it, as Rip explained that time is like fresh cement - it will take sometime for this to become the actual present. Carter and Kendra went through Aldus' belongings and found a newspaper clipping for the sale of the Amon Dagger, which was used to kill them in Egypt. Since the dagger was involved in their first lives' deaths, Kendra and Carter realized they could use it to permanently kill Savage. When they revealed their discovery to the team, Snart volunteered to go steal back the dagger, accompanied by Mick and Ray. Meanwhile, Stein, Jax, and Sara went to locate Stein's younger self for help in tracking Ray's technology.

Later, Carter tried to guide Kendra through their past lives to try to uncover the origins of the dagger. When Kendra instead remembered them making love, Carter attempted to kiss her, only for Kendra to reject him. Carter tried to point out that they are destined to fall in love with each other. Upset, Kendra stated that if it meant she must lose who she is as a person, then she will never fall in love with Carter before storming off.

Vandal Savage kills Carter Hall

Carter is stabbed by Vandal Savage.

Kendra later returned to apologize to Carter. However Carter himself apologized, admitting that he took their love for granted considering that in each of their lifetimes, Kendra always fell in love with him. Carter assured Kendra that she doesn't have to be with him in this lifetime as he is willing to wait for her, no matter how long it takes. They tried again to decode the inscription on the dagger and discovered it was a gift from Khufu to Chay-Ara.

Carter Hall is killed by Vandal Savage

Carter dies.

When Carter, Kendra, and the rest of the team discovered that Ray, Mick, and Snart had been captured by Savage, they burst into his mansion, where Firestorm managed to subdue him. Snart handed Carter the dagger and as the team fought off Savage's guards, Carter and Kendra confronted Savage and the three engaged in an intense battle. Carter managed to overpower Savage and stabbed him in the stomach with the dagger. However, Savage suddenly pulled the blade out and brutally stabbed Carter in the chest. Savage smugly revealed that since the blade belonged to Kendra, she must be the one to kill him with it. Carter died in Kendra's arms, assuring her with his last words that he will always wait for her.[4]


Kendra was devastated and heartbroken over Carter's death; she finally remembered how she felt about Carter in her past lives but never got to tell him, something Kendra deeply regretted.[4]

The remaining of Rip Hunter's team bidding farewell to Carter Hall and Aldus Boardman

Carter Hall and Aldus Boardman's funeral.

Carter's corpse was taken by Vandal Savage and used as the "vessel" in a ritual by his order, where they all drank Carter's blood in order to extend their lifespans by another century. However, Rip, Sara, Mick, Snart, and Jax were able to fight off Savage and his order to retrieve Carter's body. The Legends held a funeral for Carter in a meadow, where he was buried next to his son, Aldus Boardman.[5]

Carter's death was avenged when the Legends worked together to kill Savage in three time periods.

Carter's 22nd century reincarnation, Scythian Torvil, took on the former's identity when he moved to 2016 to be with Kendra.[6]


Carter was a calm, levelheaded, collected, and confident individual. He is able to keep his composure while in battle, but his mask hides an enraged warrior who will not give up easily. Carter was always ready for action when it came to achieving his goals, willing to take out anyone standing in his way. As a result, Carter didn't show any fear in his encounter with Green Arrow and the Flash, only caring about warning Kendra Saunders of the incoming threat posed by Vandal Savage.

Possibly once regaining memory of his past lives, Carter also didn't fear death and was perfectly capable of calmly carrying out considerably dangerous deeds if he felt they were justified, such as pushing Kendra off the rooftop of a skyscraper in order to awaken her powers. Carter is shown to be a warrior at heart, as seen with his desire to free himself and Kendra of Savage's wrath once and for all through any means necessary. Carter often goaded Kendra into trying to attack him in his efforts to train her, which he also did when trying to convince her to join the Legends. During these instances, Carter also liked to brag that he was the superior fighter, displaying a competitive streak.

Ultimately though, Carter was a kind and caring individual with a strong sense of justice who will never hesitate to protect innocent people. He takes his role as a vigilante very seriously, as shown when he scolded Kendra about her flying not being refined enough, citing it could've gotten them killed. Carter was also sympathetic to Rip Hunter's desire of going against Savage to avenge the death of his family. Like Kendra, Carter also grew fond of their past reincarnations' son, Aldus Boardman, even willing to potentially alter history to keep him safe. Thus, the couple was devastated by Aldus' death in the battle against Chronos.

Carter deeply hated Vandal Savage for all the atrocities the latter committed to kill him and Kendra; Savage was one of the few individuals who could make Carter lose his composure and fly into a rage, resulting in him being impulsive and careless in their final battle. To which, Carter was eager to join Rip's mission to eliminate Savage and prevent his tyrannical reign of the future.

Carter is shown to deeply love Kendra, just like his previous reincarnations, willing to do anything to protect and make her happy. However, his feelings for Kendra also make him somewhat shortsighted; in their efforts to defeat Savage, Carter was shown to be too forceful and impatient when helping Kendra to remember her past lives. He even made romantic advances towards Kendra when she began remembering the more intimate aspects of their relationship without giving her the time and space needed to comprehend these revelations, trying to justify that it was their destiny.

Ultimately though, Carter came to understand that Kendra needed to choose her own path in her lifetime, which couldn't be dictated by fate, allowing them to develop a more positive working relationship. Even during his last moments, Carter only cared about Kendra's safety, comforting her with his dying breath.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Flight: Carter can manifest a pair of bird-like wings that allow him to fly. He is able to use his flight ability to perform incredible acrobatic feats in battle, as well as use the size of his wings to enhance his strength in combat. Carter was able to overpower and carry away the Flash by tackling him while the latter charged at him at super speed. He could use his wings to seamlessly glide in any direction, which allowed him to swoop down and grab objects or people from the ground with ease. Despite their size, Carter's wings could move as if weightless.
  • Enhanced strength: Carter has great strength, enough to easily overpower and knock down Green Arrow in close combat, as well as to lift people from the ground without much effort and fly off with them. He charged into the Flash while the latter was moving at super speed, sprouting his wings while doing so, and tackled the speedster into the air by flying. With his mace, Carter sent Chronos flying many feet backwards.
  • Reincarnation: Like Kendra Saunders, the ancient Amon Dagger which was used to murder Carter in his original incarnation as Prince Khufu had an unusual effect upon his soul and that of his lover, Chay-Ara. The pair were locked in a seemingly endless cycle of death and rebirth throughout the centuries, which would only end with Vandal Savage's death. While not a superhuman power per se, this propensity for reincarnation has allowed Carter to cheat death and return to active duty in his current incarnation, Scythian Torvil.


  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician: Carter was a highly trained tactical thinker, often analyzing his enemies and determining the best way to take them down.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Carter was able to fight and knock down Green Arrow in unarmed combat, though with enhanced strength as well.[1] Carter was also able to overpower Vandal Savage and stab him with the Amon Dagger (although it was ineffective).[4] Carter also used his mace as a melee weapon in combat.


  • Hawkman suit: Carter used a protective suit to operate as his heroic alter-ego, Hawkman.
  • Mace: Carter owned a mace which he used quite effectively in combat, packing immense force into his attacks.


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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Hawkman is the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince. The mantle has been taken up by various individuals, including Katar Hol, Fel Andar, and Carter Hall.
  • Falk Hentschel (Carter Hall) is one of the few main cast members, along with Paula Marshall (Iris West) and Lucy Griffiths (Liv Aberdine), featured as part of the main cast only in the pilot episode of their respective series. Unlike Marshall and Griffiths, however, Hentschel made several appearances afterwards as a guest star, depicting different incarnations of Hawkman.