Cassandra Austen is the daughter of an unnamed man and the elder sister of Jane Austen.


In Bath 1802, Cassandra and her younger sister Jane attended a wedding. She scolded Jane for implying that Mr. Dockerty was unattractive and that his only redeeming quality was that he was wealthy, when the ceremony was interrupted by a lust outbreak, confusing everyone else unaffected.

Later at their house, Cassandra invited Sara Lance and Mona Wu inside, as they wanted to talk to Jane, who was advised by her sister to not scare them away.[1]


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Behind the scenes

  • Cassandra Austen (January 9, 1773 – March 22, 1845) was an amateur English watercolourist and the elder sister of Jane Austen. The letters between the two sisters form a substantial foundation to scholarly understanding of the life of the novelist.


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