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"You don't build a company like CatCo by being a wallflower and not having an opinion and a strong point of view."
Cat Grant[src]

CatCo Worldwide Media, or simply known as CatCo, is a media conglomerate founded by Cat Grant. It is located in National City on Earth-38. After Cat left CatCo to work with president Olivia Marsdin, the company was run by Snapper Carr and James Olsen, and was later bought by Lena Luthor. Two years later, Lena sold CatCo to Andrea Rojas.


Beginnings of CatCo Worldwide Media

CatCo Worldwide Media was built from the ground up by Cat Grant.[1] Its first acquisition was the National City Tribune.[2]

Change in ownership

After Cat left CatCo Worldwide Media to become President Olivia Marsdin's White House press secretary, she left all her shares in a blind trust. Morgan Edge began buying up the shares and after making an offer to the majority shareholders, he eventually announced his plan to buy CatCo so that he could use the company to give himself better press. Lena Luthor, in an attempt to both stop this from happening and one-up Morgan, bought the company first[3] for $750 million.[4]

New ownership

In late 2019, Lena sold CatCo Worldwide Media to her old friend, Andrea Rojas, for $1.3 billion.[5]

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  • Cat had a rule that employees must never show up if they're sick.[6]
    • As a result, Cat had a poor understanding of how long it took people to get over illnesses, as she threatened to have Kara fired for being sick more than a day (which was a cover story while Kara was in a Black Mercy-induced coma)[7] and was later confused when Kara didn't show up for work in the afternoon after calling in sick earlier that morning.[8]
  • Cat had a personal elevator built into the building to avoid crowds, which only she was allowed to use.[2] When Lena Luthor bought CatCo however, she allowed other employees to use the elevator if needed.[4]
  • Following the damage to CatCo from the attempted terraforming at the end of Season 3, the CEO's office was later redesigned in Season 4, losing the white color scheme; it was replaced with more Earth-tone colors and wood panelling. The television screens were also rearranged neatly into a square instead of the mosaic layout Cat originally had them in.
    • After Andrea bought CatCo in Season 5, she remodeled the office back to its white color with more simplistic and streamlined furniture. She also included a spiral staircase down to Obsidian Tech on the floor below.

Behind the scenes

  • Even though the company was an original creation for the show, it made its first official appearance in the mainstream DC universe in Supergirl vol. 7 #2.