CatCo Worldwide Media is a media conglomerate located in National City.


Kara Danvers awakened on Earth-Prime in a panic since her last memory was of the Battle at the Dawn of Time. Ultimately, she checked her laptop to see what happened the night before to see a Catco article about Supergirl battling White Martians.[1]

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CatCo Magazine issue of Kara's interview with Batwoman

Batwoman outs herself in an interview with CatCo.

At some point, the company was sold to Lena Luthor and then Obsidian North, transferring it to Andrea Rojas's ownership.[2]

In January 2020, Kara Danvers did an exposé on Batwoman and assisted in her coming out in an interview for the Winter 2020 edition of CatCo Magazine in its featured article.[3]

Reporters from different media, including Catco, went to McCulloch Technologies because Joseph Carver summoned them; he threatened a defamation lawsuit against The Central City Citizen and the different outlets wanted to cover the news.[4]

A manifesto against Obsidian Platinum was found by Franklin and William Dey moments after an assassination attempt on Andrea Rojas was thwarted by Supergirl.[2]

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