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CatCo Worldwide Media, or simply CatCo, is a media conglomerate located in National City.


CatCo first drawing.

CatCo Worldwide Media was founded by Cat Grant some time in the early 2010s, quickly growing into a powerful news outlet in National City.[1][2] Much like on Earth-38, Cat stepped down as CEO and owner by 2018. Lena Luthor bought CatCo in 2018, later selling it to Andrea Rojas a year later.

Kara Danvers awakened on Earth-Prime in a panic since her last memory was of the battle at the dawn of time. Ultimately, she checked her laptop to see what happened the night before to see a Catco article about Supergirl battling White Martians.[3]

Batwoman outs herself in an interview with CatCo.

At some point, the company was sold to Lena Luthor and then Obsidian North, transferring it to Andrea Rojas's ownership.[4]

In January 2020, Kara Danvers did an exposé on Batwoman as a favor and assisted in her coming out in an interview for the Winter 2020 edition of CatCo Magazine in its featured article; giving closeted lesbians an idol to encourage them.[5] Later, Mary Hamilton uses the magazine cover to confirm her thoughts that Kate is Batwoman.[6]

Reporters from different media, including Catco, went to McCulloch Technologies because Joseph Carver summoned them; he threatened a defamation lawsuit against The Central City Citizen and the different outlets wanted to cover the news.[7]

A manifesto against Obsidian Platinum was found by Franklin and William Dey moments after an assassination attempt on Andrea Rojas was thwarted by Supergirl.[4]

Querl Dox watched a video made by CatCo of Dreamer battling a Dominator before he received a call from Kara.[8]

William Dey does research into Eve Teschmacher using the company computers.[9] Later, Alex Danvers breaks into the company to find William because he is missing.[10]

Because Andrea had linked CatCo with Obsidian North, when Obsidian Platinum failed, CatCo would have gone bankrupt also with Obsidian North, but Andrea falsified the sale of the company to her father to save CatCo. Meanwhile, to justify Kara's absence, Nia tells Andrea that Kara is doing an article with Cat Grant.[11]

Andrea told her reporters that CatCo would be the hub on all things Lex during his trial, assigning William and Nia to cover the courtroom. Since no one was allowed to enter the courtroom, William watched the case from CatCo.[12]

The day after the trial, Lex on the morning news, giving an interview. Later that night, CatCo had an article about Lex taking possession of Luthor Corp.[13]

To save the company from the dropping popularity as result of her vendetta against Lex, Andrea charged William with getting close to the Superfriends to provide CatCo with stories about who they were as people; when not saving the world. William managed some small tibits before they revealed their battle with Nyxlygsptlnz to find the AllStone Totems.

Kara later was to do a story about the tension between Kaznia and Corto Martese; however, Nyxly's indirect tampering with the leaders' courage caused her to be late due to stopping unnecessary missile attacks they launched at each other.

Andrea later sold the company back to Cat Grant, whom was on vacation in Columbia; leaving CatCo without an editor-in-chief. With her company back under her control, Cat decided to give Kara the job, believing she had earned it. Despite Kara trying to turn down the job, Cat revealed she knew Kara's responsibility as Supergirl was what was keeping her indecisive. Kara took the job after deciding to reveal her identity to the public in an interview with Cat a few months later. [14]

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  • Kara Danvers had an exclusive contract with CatCo where she cannot write for any other news outlet.[11]
  • If the timeline of CatCo follows Earth-38, it means Cat was able to build her media empire within 4 years; as Supergirl's first season started in 2015, a year after Kara started as Cat's assistant.