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"Now see, the thing that makes women strong is that we have the guts to be vulnerable. We have the ability to feel the depths of our emotion and we know that we will walk through it to the other side."
—Cat Grant to Kara Danvers[src]

Catherine J. "Cat" Grant[1] is the founder and CEO of Catco Worldwide Media. She is the former assistant of Perry White and former gossip columnist at the Daily Planet, who later made a successful career of her own in the media industry, being known as the "Queen of all Media". Upon the discovery of "another hero" on Earth in National City, Cat named the superheroine "Supergirl" and helped make her to become the hero she is today. However, eventually realizing she needed to move on, Cat decided to take a leave of absence from CatCo to find bigger and better things to do.

Following the events of the Daxamite invasion, Cat has left CatCo for good, becoming President Olivia Marsdin's White House press secretary. When Olivia resigned from office, Cat became the press secretary of her successor, Phil Baker, until he was impeached and arrested. Afterwards, Cat presumably became the press secretary of Vice President Plastino, who had become acting president, until new elections could be held.

In the new universe, Cat still left CatCo, which was bought by Lena Luthor and then Andrea Rojas in succession. In 2021, Andrea sold the company back to her and left to found a journalism school in William Dey's honor. Cat then made Kara Danvers the new editor in chief, while helping her reveal her identity as Supergirl in an interview.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

Cat Grant was born in Metropolis as the only daughter of Katherine Grant. Her father's identity is unknown. Cat had a tough childhood, as her mother always pushed her to excel, but was never satisfied with the results. Because of this, Cat and Katherine soon became estranged from one another.[2]

Cat studied at Radcliffe College, where she became well-acquainted with Olivia Marsdin, who served as her Residential Advisor.[3]

Cat started off at the Daily Planet as the personal assistant of Perry White. Determined to climb the ranks and make a name for herself as a journalist, Cat worked hard enough until she had the chance to write an article for the gossip column. It was during this time her rivalry with Lois Lane began,[4] as well as her romantic feelings for Clark Kent.[5]

In her early days as a gossip columnist, Cat was assigned to profile a rising actor married to a celebrity. Everyone she interviewed spoke highly of the man except his wife's makeup artist, who told Cat about the bruises she covered up each morning. Ultimately, Cat caved to PR pressure and omitted this detail from her piece. Three months later, the actor shot and killed his wife. Cat was haunted by the incident ever since, wondering if the wife would still be alive if she had written the truth. This experience shaped her notion of honest reporting, both as a journalist and person.[6]

While still young, Cat met and married a man, having a son together called Adam Foster. But when they broke up, they had a custody battle over him, with Cat eventually dropping the suit and letting Adam go live with his father.[7]

Much later, Cat moved to National City and eventually founded CatCo Worldwide Media. She soon had another son named Carter Grant, who currently lives with her.[8]

Nine Lives and Counting

Nine Lives and Counting.

Prior to 2007, Cat wrote a book titled Nine Lives and Counting.[9]

At some point, Cat met Leslie Willis when the latter worked as a shock jock at a small local radio station. Recognizing her potential, Cat took Leslie under her wing and hired her at CatCo. With Cat's guidance, Leslie soon became the city's most popular shock jock. Cat previously never put restrictions on the people/subjects Leslie targeted in her broadcasts, which she would grow to regret.[10]

Cat Grant once had dinner with Taylor Swift.[11] At some point, she also "brokered peace" between Taylor and Kanye.[3] Cat later met Bill Gates at a party.[11]

Meeting Kara[]

Around 2013, Kara Danvers got a job interview for being Cat assistant at CatCo Worldwide Media. At first, Cat was dismissive of Kara as just another millennial. However, Kara displayed unusual instincts and what appeared to be initiative (though was actually using her powers), along with a desire to make a name for herself. Cat then offered Kara the job on the spot, warning her it required a lot of dedication,[12] despite immediately realizing the real vocation of the young woman was to be a reporter.[1]

Branding Supergirl[]

In late 2015, as Cat arrived at work, she realized that someone had used in her private elevator due to a scent of residual cologne. Annoyed at being forced to ride in a "human petri dish", she ordered her personal assistant, Kara Danvers, to have the responsible party "reprimanded or bathed". While giving Kara her tasks for the day, Cat revealed she needed to terminate several employees of the National City Tribune. Kara protested the downsizing, to which Cat pointed out that National City didn't have any extraordinary people or events like Metropolis with Superman.

The next day however, due to a newfound mysterious heroine saving Flight 237 from crashing, a delighted Cat was able to save the newspaper by using the superhero to create new online and paper headlines. She began ordering her employees to obtain exclusive content on the savior for the Tribune.

Cat dubbed the heroine "Supergirl", which immediately began trending, allowing the former to link her to CatCo Worldwide Media and the Tribune. Kara was annoyed at the name, worried it would minimize the superheroine's importance. Cat refused to change it, citing how she herself is a successful girl and those who dismissed Supergirl because of her name should change their viewpoint. Cat threatened to fire Kara for her outburst but James Olsen, CatCo's newly-hired art director, interrupted to reveal the first high-resolution printed photo of Supergirl, much to Cat's awe. He claimed Kara obtained the original copy from her source at a bank where Supergirl foiled a robbery. Pleased, Cat ordered Kara to actively take credit for her accomplishments.[13]

Cat assuming everyone knew about Supergirl's latest heroic failure

Cat assuming everyone knew about Supergirl's latest heroic failure.

A week later, Cat came into work slightly hungover after having breakfast with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She called a content meeting, during which she brought up to the attendees Supergirl's most recent heroic failure of causing an oil spill at National City Port. Upset that the heroine was being "sloppy" in her work, Cat emphasized to her employees that they would take control of Supergirl's narrative and scoop the Daily Planet, wanting a sit-down interview with the superheroine. Cat requested James to bring up the situation with Superman, issuing a deadline for the end of the week. Noticing that Kara seemed to be distracted, Cat ordered her to stay focused on work.

Cat penned an article for the Tribune on Supergirl's blunder at the port and ordered Kara to get it ready for posting. Kara wondered why Cat was constantly criticizing Supergirl, claiming that Superman never faced such heavy backlash. Cat expressed that women need to work twice as hard as men to succeed, pointing out that Supergirl, despite her good intentions, is still a novice; she left Flight 237 in the bay after saving it and now caused an oil spill while trying to prevent a fire. Since Supergirl's job is a learning curve, Cat advised her to start with smaller targets and work her way up, similar to how the latter rose through the ranks at the Daily Planet.

Cat presenting James with a dilemma

Cat presenting James with a dilemma.

The following day, Cat once again discussed with James the possibility of an interview with Supergirl, pointing out there was a definitive connection between her and Superman. James claimed he couldn't use his friendship with Superman like that, but Cat refused to relent, stating the interview could be a great achievement for CatCo. She gave James the ultimatum of getting her in touch with Supergirl within the following 24 hours, or risk being fired and returning to his old job at the Daily Planet.

Cat getting out of the car and looking up to see Supergirl

Cat getting out of the car and looking up to see Supergirl.

Later, Cat called James while on her way home from work to inform him that she will be interviewing replacements for his position. However, James revealed that interview with Supergirl had already begun, telling her to look outside her car window. Upon doing so, Cat was shocked to realize that her car was being carried in the air by the superheroine herself. After the car was placed on a mountain plateau, Supergirl revealed herself, stating she was ready to talk.[4] Cat interviewed Supergirl, asking of her origins and powers, which were similar to Superman's. Cat wondered why Supergirl chose to emerge now and began asking more personal questions. Flustered, Supergirl accidentally let it slip that she was Superman's cousin, much to Cat's surprise.

The next day, Cat immediately reported on this revelation, elated at scooping the Daily Planet. As she prepared to write an exposé on Supergirl, Cat ordered Kara to give her "bulletproof coffee" every hour to help her stay focused. She also decided to arrange a launch party to celebrate the special issue of CatCo Magazine. Cat's intense focus on her writing made her easily angered and irritable, as she demanded maintenance to fix the vents' piercing noise and threatened to throw a phone at Kara when the latter asked Cat to approve the appetizers for the launch party.

Cat Grant drinking Home Roasted coffee

Cat Grant drinking Home Roasted coffee.

A couple days later, Cat gave Kara a draft of the article to be published. Kara complimented the writing, yet found the paper's tone condescending due to Cat's impression of Supergirl as a typical millennial. Cat claimed she was doing the superheroine a favor since her job wasn't easy, and Supergirl couldn't rely on her cousin any time a major threat attacked. Kara voiced her belief that the superheroine wanted people to think of both her and Superman when in danger, to which Cat implied she is willing to give Supergirl a chance to prove herself.

That night at the launch party, Cat was upset when Kara arrived late and asked about the printed copies of CatCo Magazine. Winn Schott lied that Kara was up all night autographing the magazines with Cat's signature, placating the latter. During the party, Cat shared a dance with Maxwell Lord, surprised at his attendance due to his recent kidnapping by Reactron. Max wondered how she was able to get a one-on-one interview with Supergirl, but Cat coyly refused to disclose the circumstances. She then left the party early as a show of power.[14]

Cat was awarded the Siegel Prize for Women in Media, but initially decided to cancel on attending the award ceremony in Metropolis as she couldn't find a babysitter for her son, Carter Grant. Kara volunteered to look after Carter for the day instead. Surprised and pleased at what she perceived to be her assistant wanting her boss to owe her a favor, Cat agreed. At CatCo, Carter admitted to being a Supergirl fan after seeing a news report about her on television. Soon after, Carter was introduced to Winn, who told Carter that he had good taste. Carter was then watched by Winn while Kara took care of an emergency errand. With Winn, the two played a shooting video game in Cat's office. The next day, Carter sneaks off to ride Maxwell Lord's Super Train. He and the rest of the passengers were alerted to the threat of Ethan Knox on board, though they were all saved by Supergirl. The following day, Carter met with his mother before being sent off to school, asking if Kara could watch him again, though Cat refused.[8]

After Leslie Willis' Thanksgiving rant against Supergirl, Cat reminded her protégé that she had warned the former not to go after the superheroine, though Leslie brought up that Cat never cared about her content before. Cat emphasized that she officially named Supergirl and thus aimed to build a metaphorical relationship between the superheroine and CatCo, which contradicted Leslie's views. She further pointed out that Supergirl's presence in National City is shifting the conversation regarding alien protectors. An argument between the two ensued, with Leslie refusing to adhere to Cat's rules. Cat then canceled Leslie's show and legally transferred her to the traffic chopper.

After Leslie was rendered comatose in a lightning storm accident, Cat paid her hospital bills at National City General Hospital. When Cat and Kara later visited Leslie, Kara voiced that Supergirl must feel guilty for not saving Leslie. Cat refuted this, stating it's her fault, if anyone's, for putting Leslie in the CatCopter in the first place (though she denied feeling guilty). After Kara left, Cat privately urged her former protégé to wake up, proclaiming Leslie was stronger than a bolt of lightning.

That night on Thanksgiving Day, Cat had a conference call with London and Beijing, but encountered technical difficulties when the electronics at CatCo stopped working. Frustrated, she texted Kara about the predicament. Kara suggested they ask Winn, the I.T. programmer, for help, though Cat initially didn't know who he was. Just then, a blackout occurred as Leslie appeared on the monitors, having gained power over electricity. Proclaiming herself as "Livewire", Leslie manifested in the building and attacked Cat and Kara. While hiding from the assault, Cat told Kara to alert security downstairs while she kept Leslie busy. Leslie eventually cornered Cat and tried to electrocute her, but Supergirl arrived and shielded Cat from the blast. Cat attempted to flee using the elevator, but Leslie sabotaged it, causing it to begin plummeting. Supergirl stopped the elevator from crashing, saving Cat's life.

Livewire attacks CatCo

Livewire attacks CatCo.

Later as the "F.B.I." investigated CatCo, an annoyed Cat requested she be reimbursed for them messing up her office. Cat refused "Agent Monroe"'s offer to be relocated to a secure area, determined to keep the company open on Black Friday. Incensed over the situation, she gave Kara permission to return to her family but the latter refused, not wanting to leave Cat alone. Kara revealed she has a foster mother, explaining that her parents died in a "fire" when she was 13. Taken aback, Cat expressed her condolences. Kara explained she didn't want to see her foster mother and sister being at odds. Musing how hard mother-daughter relationships can be, Cat confided in Kara about her contentious relationship with her own mother, who never felt her daughter lived up to her potential. Cat reflected how she constantly pushes herself and those around her to be better, admitting she should've done so with Leslie; Cat felt she had turned Leslie into "Livewire" long before the accident. Taking charge of the situation, she asked Kara to have the F.B.I. contact Supergirl.

Shortly after, Cat met with Supergirl on the balcony. She proposed a partnership to take down Livewire, which the Girl of Steel agreed to. Cat sent a message to Leslie from CatCo Plaza, requesting a meeting "where it all began" - the radio station Leslie first worked at. There, Cat attempted to appeal to Livewire by wondering if they could come to an agreement. However, Livewire simply attacked her, prompting Supergirl to reveal herself. When Livewire had Supergirl pinned down, Cat pleaded with her to spare the superheroine, but Livewire refused to listen. Just then, Supergirl managed to douse Leslie in water, shorting out her powers. The Girl of Steel thanked a visibly shaken Cat for her help.

A few days later on Monday, Cat decided to forgo CatCo's tradition of releasing photographic stories about celebrity scandals over Thanksgiving. Instead, she prepared to do a photo essay on people who spent the holiday helping others (e.g. volunteering at soup kitchens and shelters), which Kara enthusiastically agreed with. Cat then admitted that there was a lot she didn't know about her assistant, which needed to change.[10]

Cat was having a tough time because her mother; Katherine Grant was visiting and of course gives Cat no respect. Cat takes it out on Kara. Kara yells back at Cat and immediately apologizes. Cat takes them both out for a drink. Kara gives a cup of water to Cat, who drops the glass and it breaks.[2]

Kara came down with a cold and informs Winn about her status, and when Cat sees her sneeze she sends Kara home for the rest of the day. During an Earthquake Cat informing necessary personnel to stay while Winn gets everything back online. Cat was shocked to learn that Supergirl was not around to help. When Supergirl got her powers back she demands to know why Supergirl abandoned them. However, Supergirl informs Cat that she already inspired both humanity, and Supergirl, to tackle things.[15]

Cat's email servers were later hacked, and Cat called for a meeting and asked the board to go through her e-mails for anything incriminating. Cat also asks Kara to bring in Winn and James for help. Cat was relieved that there was no evidence of anything to slander her after Kara and James informed her, but at the meeting the board members ask her to take a step back and put some distance between herself and the company. After the meeting, Cat tells Kara to keep looking for any more leaks, as she suspects board member Dirk Armstrong is going to find some way to damage her reputation. Cat later reveals that the "A. Foster" she had been sending money to is her estranged son, Adam. She sued for custody but lost, then gave up and dropped the lawsuit because Cat believed that she would be in Adam's life anyway, but determined that her child might be better off without her. Cat muses she stopped asking herself if she made the right decision years ago and admits her regret. Rather than allow Adam to end up in the middle of a media storm, Cat planned to resign from CatCo. However at the last minute, thanks to Lucy, Winn, and James, they managed to provide Cat information on Dirk. Cat confronts Dirk in her office with the evidence. Dirk admits to the hacking but initially threatens to fight. However, since Dirk used the company's computers to hack Cat's e-mails so he can take over the company, he doesn't have a leg to stand on. Cat fires Dirk and has him arrested. Kara goes to Cat, and Kara is surprised to learn that Cat found out that she was Supergirl, having figured out the recent encounters whenever they were around. She tells her to take off her glasses, and thanks her for all the help she's given her, calling her Supergirl.[7]

Cat continued to explore through various challenges to Kara's identity. Cat decides that Supergirl's energies are wasted on the pretense of being an errand girl; if Kara can't prove that she isn't Supergirl, Cat will fire her. Later, Kara thanks Cat for the opportunity to work with her and resigns, explaining that Cat's suspicions make it impossible for her to do her job. J'onn J'onzz uses his shape-shifting ability to impersonate Supergirl so that Cat can see her and Kara at the same time. Cat accepts that she must have been wrong, and offers Kara her job back on the condition that she does not reveal Cat's embarrassing mistake.[16]

Cat offered Lucy Lane a job as CatCo's general counsel despite a conflict of interest because of James, but is convinced to take the offer. Kara questions Cat's reason for hiring Lucy, only to have Cat accuse Kara of making eyes at James.[17]

Return of Adam[]

A guy asks Kara about Cat Grant at the coffee shop and tells her how much she respected her. Cat has them report on Miranda Crane and her anti-alien propaganda, which James has volunteered to cover despite Cat's dislike for Crane because of her views. Cat also is upset with Kara when she sees a person in her office and calls security; it's her son Adam Foster. She wanted to have dinner with him but he turns her down. Cat then threatened Kara for interfering, but Kara turns things around by offering to have the two dine together by getting them reservations. Kara helps Cat out with getting to know Adam while at dinner, which later on becomes awkward and as expected does not go well after Adam found out about the letter. Cat who was upset over the dinner earlier because of the letter, which prompts Kara to go see Adam personally. After a short talk and an admission from Kara about the letter, Adam agreed to meet with his mother on the condition that Kara joins them. During their dinner, Kara acts as a mediator and after tense talking both Cat and Adam start having a normal mother-son relationship. Adam visits Cat to tell her he is staying in town, as it turns out he has a crush on Kara, and immediately asks her out on a date.[11]

Kara was slightly freaked out over Cat's attitude and that she had her own coffee. Cat was not happy with Kara going on a date with Adam. However, later Kara broke up with Adam, citing she didn't have room in her life for him. Cat told Kara that Adam is leaving for Opal City. Cat confessed she prioritized herself over Adam before, and that Kara was more like her and she thought. She also stated she wanted their relationship to go back to being strictly professional.[18]

Cat demanded to know Kara's whereabouts was when she was absent from work. Cat determined that Kara was avoiding her due to her causing Adam to leave the city. However, Kara was attacked by the Black Mercy forcing her friends to cover for her and Cat threatened to fire her in one hour. Alex convinced J'onn J'onzz to masquerade as Kara, but he had great difficulty fulfilling her difficulties and said Cat made him miss his prison. J'onn began to understand why Kara values them and allowed Alex to take them to D.E.O. while he dealt with Cat. J'onn, once again in Kara's form, apologizes to Cat, and while he was unaware of Kara's fling with Adam, decided to roll with it. Cat didn't buy it one bit and acidly told "Kara" to take the day off.[19]

Cat and James at the balcony

Cat and James at the balcony.

Siobhan Smythe was hired to be Cat's new assistant alongside Kara. Kara was annoyed by being unable to pronounce her name correctly. Cat designated Kara as "Assistant #2" to her confusion. Siobhan promptly one-upped Kara's coffee while Winn looked on uncomfortably. Cat told Siobhan to get James Olsen and Lucy Lane into her office and told Kara to cover the phone. When Kara and Siobhan was arguing via email Kara suddenly shouted out and Cat arrived and told her to keep it down.[6]

Indigo appears

The hacker appears on CatCo monitors.

Cat asked everyone in for a conference call. Siobhan shows a package that Cat should see personally, but Cat wants it open for all to see, so James takes the package and opens it to find a letter and thumb drive. An unimpressed Cat tells Siobhan to have the drive microwaved. When the monitors and other electronic devices start to go haywire. A blonde woman appears on all of the screens calling herself Indigo. She tells Cat that she ignored what was on the drive, and warns her that she will bring chaos to National City. Cat orders Winn to fix the systems. The city begins to panic. Cat tells Siobhan to call her investment broker, but she stammers for a moment before Kara took the assignment. Cat tells James to get every reporter on this latest cyber attack.[20]

Cat on The Talk

Cat on The Talk.

Cat appears on "The Talk" to discuss her relationship with Supergirl and goes out of her way to praise her. Kara was watching the show when Cat interrupts, reflecting on how well it went. She wants to speak with Winn and sends Kara to find him. Cat later told Kara that Lucy has quit. When Kara was exposed to Red Kryptonite her personality changed and turned up to work wearing somewhat more stylish attire than normal. Cat wanted Siobhan to search for replacements for Lucy, but Kara has already taken care of it and was rewarded with a couple of club tickets. The next day, Kara arrives at the office in Cat's elevator, which shocks Winn, but Cat brushes it off. Siobhan reveals that she managed to get footage of Supergirl letting the K'hund escape. She tries to pitch it to Cat, but Cat isn't interested. Undaunted by Cat's rejection, Siobhan plans to sell the story to her old employer, the Daily Planet. However, Kara picks up her plotting with her super hearing and lures Siobhan away from her desk long enough to print a copy of the email. When Cat learns about Siobhan's treachery, she fires Siobhan on the spot. She additionally made sure Siobhan would never get any work with Daily Planet either. Kara later flew to CatCo and tells Cat she's no longer interested in being a hero. To prove her point, she hurls Cat over the balcony and flies down to catch her just in time. Cat reluctantly goes on air to declare that she can no longer stand behind Supergirl. Later, as Supergirl, Kara offers to apologize to Cat, but Cat tells her that she needs to win back National City's trust first.[21]

Cat and Supergirl on balcony

Cat on the CatCo balcony with Supergirl.

Cat was still shocked that National City had not yet forgiven Supergirl, but knew it would take time. When Kara was off sick she had Winn Schott and James Olsen man her phones. Siobhan later sneaks into Cat's office and sends Cat a nasty email from Kara's account, believing it will be enough to get Kara fired. However, Cat noticed this didn't sound like the Kara she knew and had Winn analyze the email. Winn concluded the typing patterns didn't match Kara—but they matched Siobhan's. Cat confronted Siobhan with the evidence and warned Siobhan that she would be arrested on the spot if she ever set foot at CatCo plaza again.[12]

Livewire, Silver Banshee and Cat

Livewire, Silver Banshee and Cat.

Cat is later introduced to Barry Allen, who suggests she name the new "The Flash", though she rejects this proposal, wanting to call him "The Blur", instead. She is later taken hostage by both Siobhan, and Livewire, though she is rescued by Supergirl and The Flash. Soon after, Cat reveals to Kara that she knew Barry was The Flash.[22]

Cat is sent a pair of earrings, which she wears, shielding her from the effects of Myriad. Arriving at work, she is informed of this by Maxwell Lord, and her, Lord, and Supergirl discuss what to do regarding Myriad. She is present when Supergirl has to save, James, Winn, and Kelly, though only manages to save James and Winn. She later opposes Maxwell Lord's plan to drop a Kryptonite bomb on the city. She eventually convinces Supergirl not to go along with Maxwell's plan, and the two go to Lord Technologies to persuade him not to arm the bomb. The trio then went to Cat's original broadcasting station, though Supergirl was confronted by a Myriad-controlled Alex Danvers.[23]

Cat is present when Supergirl gives her speech, ceasing Myriad's control over the people of National City. The next morning she called a morning meeting, and later Cat was thanked by Kara for being an amazing mentor and friend when she called Kara to get her a moon juice smoothie. She later led Kara to her new office, telling her that she was promoting her. She also said her name correctly for the first time.[24]

Leave of absence[]

Eve is scolded by Cat

Eve is scolded by Cat.

When Kara chooses to be a reporter for CatCo, the decision is supported by Cat.[5] Cat advises Kara to solve problems herself, after clashing with her new boss Snapper Carr and announces that she has decided to leave CatCo for a leave of absence and try to find new things to do, leaving James in charge.[1]

Daxamite Invasion[]

Cat Grant and President Marsdin speak with Rhea

Cat Grant with President Marsdin aboard Air Force 1 as she speaks with Rhea.

When the President is on her way to National City, Cat Grant has tagged along on Air Force One. When the President contacted Rhea emotions between the two began to get heated and she felt the need to step in to relieve the tension. Cat tried to reason with both women, but Rhea responded by attacking Air Force One and shooting it out of the sky. Cat was thrown out from the plane from the released pressure but Supergirl arrived just in time to catch and save her. When they touched back on the ground, observing the wreckage of the plane they began to think that the President is dead. However, they then find Marsdin emerging from the wreckage, in an alien form. The three then return to National City and meet up with the remainder of the D.E.O. at Al's Dive Bar.

When Supergirl begins to contemplate whether she can really save her friend and boyfriend on Rhea's ship that President Marsdin has ordered to be destroyed, Cat tells her to not give up hope that she can. She tells her that it isn't wrong to want to save those that mean so much to her and fight as hard as they could to save them as their loved ones are everything. This heart to heart prompts Kara to decide to work with Lillian Luthor and Hank Henshaw. To be successful, they knew that Rhea needed to be distracted and Cat had an idea for what to do and asked for Winn Schott to accompany her to CaCco.

Cat Grant speaks to National City

Cat Grant gives an inspiring speech to National City.

Cat and Winn returned to CatCo, still in devastation but Cat's attention was on her former office which had been taken over by James Olsen. She was shocked at the changes he made to it and felt that she would have to burn sage to get rid of the smell of sweat. At the same time the wedding being performed by Rhea on Lena and Mon-El, Cat Grant begins a broadcast telling the people of National City to fight back. As she speaks, the people of the city begin to feel inspired and they begin to strike back against the Daxamites in the streets. Her broadcast infuriates Rhea who orders for a squadron of soldiers to find and eliminate Cat. CatCo is later under attack by Rhea's men but both Cat and Winn are rescued by Guardian. Cat immediately recognizes James as Guardian as she could see his eyes through his visor.[3]

Supergirl and Cat Grant discover the president is an alien

Supergirl and Cat Grant discover the president is an alien.

Later, Kara and Clark ask Cat for a favor at CatCo, so Kara (as Supergirl), would give CatCo an exclusive interview, while requesting that Cat tone down the media's sensationalism to keep people from danger. Cat agrees to the request. She also asked for Clark to help her talk to James as she feels that if he continues with his work as Guardian, he would only get himself hurt or worse.

After Kara Danvers came to her for relationship advice after Mon-El of Daxam was forced to leave Earth, there was a report of a great fire in the city trapping innocent people in a building. Kara told her that she had to go and take care of something and as she left, Cat quietly called Kara Supergirl and told her to go get them.[25]

Press secretary[]

After the Daxamite invasion, Cat left CatCo altogether and became President Marsdin's White House Press Secretary. In October 2017, Cat confirmed that President Marsdin believed global warming was real and that the Earth is round, since "she is not a moron".[26]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Cat as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[27] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[28]

New multiverse[]

The Midvale investigation[]

Cat Grant in 2009

Cat Grant arrives in Midvale.

Calling herself "CJ Grant" in 2009, a moniker given to her by Perry White,[29] Cat worked for the Daily Planet as a fashion reporter but she grew jealous of Lois Lane, who became world-renowned after writing about Superman. Determined to become a worldly famous reporter as well, Cat noticed that unexplainably "good" incidents were occurring in Midvale, a town dubbed as the "happiest place on Earth"; Cat suspected that a super-powered being was active there.

Cat Grant interviews Alex Danvers

Cat Grant interviews Alex Danvers.

Getting permission from Perry White, Cat interviewed a young lady who wore the name tag Eliza Danvers, but she dismissed Cat's questions by saying that Midvale was just a boring town.

Continuing her investigation, CJ took pictures as a runaway truck went by her. When she developed the prints, she noticed a weird shading as if something was hovering above the truck. Watching a person play with a drone, CJ realized that the object may have been a UFO.[30]

Cat was able to get the drone from the young man so she could film events, when a young woman instead talked her into pursuing her dreams, and to stop trying to match Lois. CJ decided that she would be called "Cat" and that she wanted to have her own media empire.[29]


Following her experiences in Midvale, Cat went on to found CatCo Worldwide Media, which she quickly developed into a powerful media organization. At some point, Cat and Oprah became friends.[29] Cat hired Kara Danvers and eventually learned about her being Supergirl, but decided to keep it private.[31]

Sometime after this, Cat decided to sell CatCo, presumably to Lena Luthor, who later went on to sell the company to Andrea Rojas. To cover Kara's disappearance, Nia Nal told Andrea Rojas and William Dey that she was on an assignment with Cat.[32][33]

After Lex Luthor and Nyxlygsptlnz took the AllStone Totems, Cat heard Supergirl's speech enhanced by Lena's magic. She bought CatCo back from Andrea. During her vacations in Colombia, she reached out to Kara to complain about coral reefs being intoxicated by sunscreen and to send her the offer to return to CatCo as editor-in-chief. Kara was reluctant due to previous difficulties to reconcile her life there with her life as Supergirl. Cat called her to discuss why she was reluctant, tried to convince her to take it, and revealed she knew that she was Supergirl. Kara later decided to accept the offer. She also decided to come out as Supergirl and Cat interviewed her.[31]

By February 1st, 2023, Cat reached out to Allegra Garcia to pass along a message to Iris West-Allen, owner of Central City Citizen Media. Cat wanted to incorporate CCC Media into CatCo to help the former company expand, even offering a black check. However, Iris ultimately declined the offer.[34]

Alternate timeline[]

Cat Grant in an alternate timeline

Cat Grant in an alternate timeline.

In 2009, CJ watched the aliens Naxim Tork and Mitch being trapped in their spaceship by other aliens and recorded everything via drone. Determined to find her story, CJ starts throwing rocks out in the clearing until she uncovers the ship and starts pressing buttons until she releases the aliens. They take her onto the ship and lock her up in one of their cells. They were after a Kryptonian, and mistakenly captured a teen named Kenny Li, locking him in her cell shortly after. The real Kryptonian appeared and defeated them, CJ escapes, and the police show up just as Naxim and Mitch flee. CJ tries to interview Kara, the Kryptonian, but they are arrested by the police. Kara breaks out of police custody and flies off to the Legion's cruiser, erasing this timeline.[29]

In an alternate timeline created by Kara and Mxyzptlk in order to mend her friendship with Lena Luthor, Kara was forced to reveal her identity as Supergirl to the world in order to save Lena and Thomas Coville from Agent Liberty. As an unintended consequence however, Cat and all of Supergirl's loved ones were systematically murdered by the Children of Liberty.[35]


"I'm the hero. I stuck a label on the side of this girl, I branded her. She will forever be linked to Catco, to the Tribune, to me. And what do you think is so bad about 'Girl'? Huh? I'm a girl. And your boss, and powerful, and rich, and hot and smart. So if you perceive 'Supergirl' as anything less than excellent, isn't the real problem you? And if you're so smart, Kerah, could you please give me one reason why I shouldn't fire you?"
—Cat Grant to Kara Danvers[src]

Cat is a serious, professional, intelligent, and often mercurial businesswoman. Cat can also sometimes be arrogant, selfish, snarky, obnoxious, and rude, all of which have earned her the contempt and resentment of many of her employees and much of the general public, both to whom she is indifferent. She is even oblivious to the existence of most of her employees, such as Winn Schott. Despite these negative traits of Cat's, she does still have respect for Clark Kent, her former co-worker for whom she has romantic feelings, but she has a dislike for her other former co-worker, Lois Lane, who she is openly rude towards, likely because the latter is in a relationship with Clark. Cat even has respect for her employee, James Olsen, to the point where she appointed him as acting CEO of her company, CatCo Worldwide Media, after she took a leave of absence.

Despite having a difficult personality, Cat does have caring side. She wanted to make amends with Adam, even writing a letter to him which Kara continued after Cat decided not to finish it, despite her disliking what Kara has done. Cat also cares deeply for her other son, Carter, to the point she gave Kara several instructions as to how to take care of him and getting angry when she learned Carter was in a train that Supergirl saved the day Kara babysat him. Aside from caring for her family, Cat has shown care for those that work for her as well, as seen in several moments, she told Leslie, who later became Livewire, that she's strong enough to live and get through her comatose after being struck by lightning. She gave Kara advice in various problems that her assistant was facing, ranging from problems regarding work to her personal life. In addition, she has not shied away from showing her employees or previous employees affection such as hugging Winn when they met after Supergirl saved her from a plane crash or telling Clark to talk to James because she was worried he might get himself in trouble being Guardian. Also, despite her hardcore personality, Cat acknowledges that human connections are the key to happiness, a knowledge she shares to Supergirl, which greatly inspired the superheroine to rescue Lena and Mon-El from the Daxamites.

Cat is a stereotypical feminine capitalist in a competitive economy run by men; she is ruthless, unapologetic, unsympathetic, uncompromising and is often seen as mean-spirited, with money, fame, and power being her chief ambitions. These traits have shaped her into a forceful and controlling individual. Though Cat is a hardcore capitalist, she is not without a humane and tender spot. Even though she thoroughly keeps it hidden for fear of being seen as weak or soft in the eyes of her competitors, Cat is shown to sacrifice almost everything in her life for her career, including a relationship with her son and a personal life, stating many times that she believes time should not be wasted on "unimportant" things, like sleeping and celebrating holidays. Additionally, Cat's work ethic is extremely strong, as seen when she is seen working during Thanksgiving. She holds others to that strict standard as well, saying that "sleeping is for slackers" and that everyone has to "squeeze every drop of time out of a day". She is also very sharp, as she was able to figure out that Barry Allen is the Flash faster than anyone on his own Earth, just based on her interactions with him (she later instantly recognized the Guardian as James Olsen because she recognized his eyes under his mask).

Cat also displays considerations for others as she ultimately went with calling Barry the Flash as that was the name he branded himself instead of the Blur as she originally planned. She also seems to have strong morals, as she convinced Supergirl not to go along with Maxwell Lord's plan to stop Non, which would've caused a great amount of innocent casualties. Moreover, despite secretly knowing that Kara Danvers was Supergirl for a whole year, Cat never exposed her to the public. Cat was also depicted a figure who gives inspiration. She has inspired Supergirl many times to the point that the latter kept going despite wanting to give up so many times. Furthermore, Cat managed to have an impromptu speech that she broadcast throughout the world when the Daxamites invaded. She convinced people to fight and to not lose hope and it greatly lifted people's spirit.

In the new universe, Cat was a bit dumber in the 2000s due to her jealousy towards Lois Lane, which made her make foolish decisions. She accidentally released Naxim Tork and Mitch by randomly pressing buttons on their ship during her investigation into Midvale—all just to get a good story.

By 2021, a whole 12 years since, Cat was very worldly and more mellow, though she wasn't without snark. When Kara was debating over taking over CatCo as Editor-in-Chief, Cat prompted her to stop denying both sides of her life.


"You don't build a company like CatCo by being a wallflower and not having an opinion and a strong point of view."
—Cat Grant[src]
  • High-level intellect/Great business acumen/Expert tactician/Leader: Cat is an intelligent woman as she was able to build CatCo Worldwide Media from the ground-up. As the CEO, she oversaw the business' daily activities and ensured its success as a multibillion-dollar corporation. Cat often shares some wisdom with Kara Danvers/Supergirl by giving her advice when needed. Due to her great observation and investigative nature, she has noticed the identity of some vigilantes. She is a natural leader, able to inspire the citizens of National City to take a stand and be heroes in their own right. Cat's intellect and expertise in diplomacy has made her an excellent candidate for the position of the White House's press secretary.
  • Network/Journalism: As a former reporter and businesswoman, Cat has a wide array of contacts.



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  • In Season 1, Cat consistently pronounces Kara's name wrong, calling her "Keer-ah" or, less frequently, "Kare-ah". However, in the season finale, "Better Angels", and throughout Season 2, Cat finally pronounces Kara's name correctly as "Kah-rah".
  • It is heavily implied that Cat is a Conservative Democrat.
    • She dislikes Bill O'Reilly (a Republican)[13] and supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Primary Election.[10] After discovering that President Olivia Marsdin is an alien, Cat said, "Well, at least tell me you're still a Democrat".[3] This is further supported by the fact that Cat currently serves in Olivia's, later Phil Baker's, and then Plastino's administration as the White House's press secretary.
    • While trying to think of a Thanksgiving headline, Cat stated, "Liberals love to feel guilty."[10]
  • Cat knew the secret identities of Supergirl, the Flash, and Guardian without needing to be told, with James Olsen being the first one knowing that she knows he's a vigilante while Kara Danvers was informed by Cat that she always knew about her being Supergirl and Barry Allen remained unaware (though Cat was suggested the name "the Flash" by Barry, and Kara was surprised that Cat knew Barry's identity.)
    • Despite her talent for seeing through superheroes' disguises, Cat has yet to figure out that Clark Kent is Superman, possibly due to being blinded by her infatuation of him.
  • Cat hates Chipotle.[4]
  • She is a germaphobe.[10][15]
  • Cat once sent an audition tape to the TV show Undercover Boss because Anderson Cooper dared her to do so.[7]
  • Cat invested in the failed Broadway musical Jekyll and Hyde, still maintaining that it had an excellent score.[7]
  • She hates having whole milk in her lattes.[19]
  • Like Kara, Cat always cries at the end of Working Girl.[24]
  • She was a regular at Il Palazzo.[36]
  • Cat has never seen Star Wars.[25] Ironically, her actress, Calista Flockhart, is married to Harrison Ford, who portrayed Han Solo—one of the main characters in the franchise.
    • In "Myriad"​, Cat orders Kara to call Harrison Ford and tell him that she doesn't date older married men, making it a slight fourth-wall joke on the fact that her actress is married to him in real-life.
  • Cat has been married four times and turned down two marriage proposals from Rob Lowe.[25]
  • She dislikes science-fiction movies.[37]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Catherine Jane "Cat" Grant is a well-known gossip columnist for the Daily Planet who moved to Metropolis from Los Angeles after her divorce. Cat is very notable for her controversially provocative and flirty behavior in the workplace. She often clashed with Lois Lane and was a brief love interest of Superman.
    • Cat once explained to Kara Danvers that at the Daily Planet, she had to work hard enough until getting a chance to write an article for the gossip column.[4] Cat's comics counterpart was originally hired as a gossip columnist at the Daily Planet before becoming the editor of the Entertainment and Arts section of the paper.
  • In the comics, Cat had one son, Adam Grant, who was tragically killed by a malfunctioning Toyman robot. In the Arrowverse, Cat has two sons, Adam Foster and Carter Grant.
  • Unlike in the show where Cat transitioned from a critic to a mentor of Supergirl, her comics counterpart initially despised Supergirl when the latter injured her in a rescue during a meta-human battle. Cat even created a slander campaign against the superheroine at the Daily Planet until the two worked together to defeat the Dollmaker.
  • Cat's job as the White House's press secretary references her role as President Lex Luthor's press secretary in the comics while the latter was president.
  • This version of Cat Grant is the third live action version of the character. The first appeared in Season 1 of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and the second in Season 10 of Smallville.