"Batman gave up on us. It's been three years, Gotham. The Bat's not coming back."
—Catherine to her fellow Gothamites on the three year anniversary of Batman's disappearance[src]

Catherine Hamilton-Kane (née Hamilton) is the wife of Jacob Kane, the mother of Mary Hamilton and the step-mother of Kate Kane.


Catherine had a daughter, Mary. She later met Jacob Kane and married him.[1]

In 2018, Catherine attended the switching off of the Bat-Signal with her family. While at the event, she was witness to Alice and her gang terrorizing and kidnapping Sophie Moore. The following night, after Kate Kane had returned home to Gotham, Catherine helped organize a welcome home party for her. She warmly greeted Kate, before urging Mary to join her in taking a photo with a councilwoman because according to her, if they show everyone they feel safe, then their clients in turn feel safe as well. The night after, Catherine attended the city's Movie in the Park event. Witnessing a new Bat vigilante, she read about the ordeal the following morning in the Gotham City Gazette.[1]



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