"Please tell me that isn't your whole master plan."
"Oh, not at all, Mr. Diaz. In fact, I think it fair to say that this Is only the beginning."
Ricardo Diaz and Cayden James[src]

Cayden James led a criminal cabal consisting of Laurel Lance, Ricardo Diaz, Anatoly Knyazev, Sheck and Vincent Sobel. Their goals were connected to revenge on Team Arrow, with Cayden specifically declaring his intent to build a thermonuclear bomb to destroy Star City in order to get revenge on Oliver Queen after believing he was responsible for the death of his son, Owen Post. The cabal disbanded after James was arrested and secretly killed by Diaz.


The group united funds and forces of several criminal organizations such as Cayden James's Helix, Ricardo Diaz's drug ring, Anatoly Knyazev's "exiled" branch of Bratva and Black Siren's group. Thus, Cayden James was able to find muscle and funding for his elaborate plans, something his own organization of hackers could not provide. All leaders and organizations had grudges with the members of Team Arrow, be it Green Arrow, Spartan or Black Canary.[1]


The group leaders were seen gathering together for the first time after the split-up of Team Arrow in late 2017, although Vincent Sobel hinted that their plans may have been in the works for some time prior to that. Black Siren and Cayden James have revealed that they had been filming what was happening in the Arrowcave since her infiltration there back in autumn. Ricardo Diaz and Anatoly Knyazev remained skeptical regarding the plan to divide Team Arrow, considering it not that impressive after all. Cayden James immediately calmed their concerns, saying that he has much grand designs for their revenge on Green Arrow.[1]

When Vincent Sobel was revealed to be a spy on behalf of Team Arrow, James ordered Laurel to kill him. Although she hesitated, she followed the order.

The group managed to launch a cyber attack on the city and successfully build the thermonuclear bomb, but Team Arrow managed to prove to James that Oliver didn't kill his son. After James made Team Arrow gather his cabal together, James was apprehended and given to the police, Black Siren was taken by Quentin Lance, and Diaz and Knyazev fled.

It was later revealed that James was a pawn on behalf of Diaz, who wanted to takeover Star City. He had killed Cayden's son to drive him onto his path of vengeance and was responsible for the leaked photo of Oliver in the Green Arrow suit. Diaz killed James not long after, officially disbanding the cabal.

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Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • Previously, Kirk Acevedo (the actor of Ricardo Diaz), had a guest appearance on Person of Interest, which starred Michael Emerson (the actor of Cayden James). Together, they worked together to solve a crime. In Arrow, they are working together to cause havoc on Star City.
  • The Cabal may also be an allusion to the Longbow hunters, which also consisted of the alliance of some of the Green Arrow's enemies. Also Ricardo Diaz who is a member of Cayden James cabal, was the leader of the Longbow Hunters in the New 52 comics


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