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Deputy Chief Cayman is the corrupt former police deputy chief of the Freeland Police Department and an ally of the A.S.A.


Cayman welcomed Tobias Whale into the Freeland Police Department, allowing him to kill an imprisoned Lala for personal reasons.[1] Sometime after, having received a tip from Joey Toledo, Cayman organized several squads to converge on Black Lightning. However, they were unsuccessful. Questioned by Inspector Bill Henderson on who he received the tip from, Cayman refused to tell him, instead going to accept a call from Toledo.[2]

Sometime later, Bill Henderson finds out Cayman was working with the A.S.A. when he spots him selling guns to A.S.A. agents.[3]

Cayman meets with Kara Fowdy, she gets him to find a way to imprison Jefferson Pierce. He eventually gets arrested by Bill (as the police inspector managed to get his accomplice to admit that he helped Cayman to plant the evidence to frame Jefferson) who succeeds him as the new Deputy Chief of Freeland.[4]

Following the death of Lady Eve, Cayman reported to WIXA 7 that the search for Black Lightning, her supposed killer, had expanded to a further five police officers.[5]

Cayman met with members of the A.S.A., checking out weapons capable of killing Black Lightning.[3]

Cayman and detective Glennon met with Kara Fowdy, agreeing to her request that they plant a bag of Green Light on Jefferson Pierce. The following morning, Cayman and a number of police arrived at Garfield High School, searching Pierce's car and office, and "finding" the drugs. They arrested Pierce, but they were faced by resistance from a group of students, though they eventually stood down. Arriving back at the station, Inspector Henderson angrily requested to see the search warrant, which Cayman gave him. Not long after, he interrupted an interrogation with Pierce as he was to be transferred due to a national security directive. Before Pierce could be transferred, he was exonerated. Cayman entered as Henderson brought him food. Glennon having given him up as dirty, Henderson arrested Cayman, allowing two other officers to read him his rights and take him away.[4]


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