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"That's what I call mind over matter."
—Cecile Horton[src]

Cecile Horton,[1] also known as Ce-Seal-Your-Fate Horton to Ralph Dibny's criminal contacts,[2] is the former district attorney of Central City and a member of Team Flash. She is also the fiancée of Joe West, and the mother of Joanie and Jenna West.

After gaining the power of telepathy and empathy while pregnant, Cecile joined Team Flash in the fight against the Thinker. She aided the team during legal trials and supported meta-human rights, eventually leaving her role as district attorney and becoming a meta-human attorney. While caring for Jenna, Cecile helped the team in their investigation to discover Cicada's identity and acted as a mother figure to her teammates, Barry Allen, Ralph Dibny and Chester P. Runk. After Cicada's defeat, Cecile continued her duty as a mother until she helped the team defeat the Mirror Monarch. When she was possessed by the Medusa Mask, Cecile received Barry's help in dealing with the issues of her mother's death, causing Cecile to confront the mask to discover her new powers.

Cecile tried to support August Heart in not becoming Godspeed without success, so Team Flash had to stop their clone war. During the Despero attack, Cecile connected with Rosa Dillon for having her same powers and tried to help her and Mona Taylor, causing Cecile to begin power management training to be an active vigilante on the team. During the Red Death's attack, Cecile shielded Joe and Jenna from the villain's storm before saying goodbye to Joe, who left town to protect Jenna from danger. While projecting her consciousness into 2049, Cecile took on the name Virtue. Using her new hero identity, Cecile defeated Godspeed and helped the team defeat Eddie Thawne's speedster legion. Following the battle, Cecile and Joe became engaged.


Original multiverse[]

Learning about meta-humans[]

Cecile Horton interrogated detective Eddie Thawne at the CCPD when a police cruiser camera apparently caught him shooting two officers without warning. Although captain David Singh was unwilling to believe Thawne to be capable of murder and CSI Barry Allen pointed out the lack of powder burns on his clothes, Cecile refused to budge without evidence.

Later, Cecile, Singh, and Barry watched security footage of the Flash fighting Hannibal Bates, who shape-shifted into multiple forms, including Thawne's. Realizing Thawne had been framed, Cecile remarked how the law wasn't ready for meta-human criminals and dropped the charges against him. Barry then provided Cecile evidence to exonerate the other victims Bates framed for his crimes.[3]

A couple weeks later, Cecile was approached by her friend, Detective Joe West, who asked her to help him transport some imprisoned meta-humans to a secure location. However, she adamantly turned him down, as they could be arrested for it.[4]

Romantic relationship with Joe West[]

Over a year later, Cecile informed Joe that the D.A.'s office had no information on Alchemy and guessed that his inquiry was meta-human-related. Later, she and Joe visited Rosa Dillon at Iron Heights for information on the whereabouts of her boyfriend Sam Scudder, who gained the powers to travel through mirroring surfaces, but she was uncooperative. Cecile and Joe briefly flirted, with Cecile mentioning his IOUs are adding up. Suddenly, Scudder appeared and broke Dillon out using his powers.

After Scudder and Dillon were apprehended by the Flash and Jesse Quick and sent to Iron Heights, Barry assured Cecile and Joe that Scudder couldn't escape as his cell was completely lined with anti-reflective material. Joe thanked Cecile for her help and she asked if he wanted to grab dinner tonight. Joe declined, stating that he had movie night with his kids. Cecile responded, "Another time, then."[5]

A couple of weeks later, Cecile met with Barry and Julian Albert to inform Barry that he has been reassigned to working meta-human cases full-time to figure out the situation with the husks after the incident with The Rival. She then ran into Joe and expressed her excitement for their date. The next night, Cecile and Joe went to see The Shining at Hofherr Park. They reflected on their families and Cecile revealed she is a single parent as well, having a daughter who will be going off to college in the fall. Cecile then met Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, and H.R. Wells and was instantly charmed by the latter. Suddenly, her and Joe's date was interrupted by an attack from the meta-human Shade.[6]

Around Christmas, Joe gave Cecile files regarding the Dominator invasion. He invited her to a Christmas Eve party at the West house, which she accepted. The two proposed a challenge whether Joe's grandmother Esther or Cecile's grandmother Millie's eggnog was stronger. At the party, Cecile and Joe toasted to their grandmothers and their respective eggnog recipes. They shared a kiss, much to everyone's delight, especially Iris and Wally West.[7]

Cecile was seen at the precinct with Joe, discussing apprehending an arms dealer who was supplying the Electric Gang with futuristic weapons. When Iris arrived to talk with her father, Cecile greeted her before going to check in with Singh.[8]

Cecile and her daughter, Joanie, had coffee at CC Jitters with Barry, Iris, Wally, and Joe. However, their outing was interrupted when Clive Yorkin arrived and tried to kill Joe. Wally, as Kid Flash, fended him off and saved the group. The next day, Cecile and Joanie visited Joe at the CCPD. Joe affirmed that he is committed to his and Cecile's relationship for the long run.[9]

After Barry proposed to Iris, Cecile and Joe meet with them at Jitters. Cecile congratulated the couple and complimented Iris's engagement ring. She became intrigued when Barry let slip Joe's singing ability. Cecile then mentioned that her sister has four spare tickets to Hamilton on the first weekend of July and invited Joe, Barry, and Iris to join her. They agreed after some hesitation.[10]

Ally of Team Flash[]

After Cecile and Joe returned home from training for the Central City Marathon, Cecile accidentally told Joe she loves him, throwing him off. Later at work, Cecile apologized if her slip-up made Joe feel pressured to say "I love you" back, but he claimed it was fine. That night, Cecile visited Joe at home when he didn't answer her texts, asking what's been going on with him lately. Joe simply stated that part of his life was complicated and he didn't feel ready to share it with her, believing they should break up. Heartbroken, Cecile left in tears. Just then, she was captured by Killer Frost, who demanded Tracy Brand, the only person who could stop Savitar, in exchange for her life. Cecile was held hostage in Dressler Factory, where Joe, The Flash, Tracy, and Cisco arrived. As Cisco battled Killer Frost, Joe freed Cecile and took her to safety.

Cecile later met Joe at the precinct, assuring him her kidnapping wasn't his fault and pointing out he should've just been honest with her. Joe apologized for lying and told Cecile he loves her too, much to her joy. He then revealed to Cecile of Barry and Wally's secret identities and his work with Team Flash.[11]

Cecile was prosecuting arsonist Lucious Coolidge, whose probable cause hearing was moved up by Judge Hankerson. Since Barry was the CSI officer assigned to the case, Cecile needed him to testify in court to hold Coolidge for trial. She called Joe, informing him she urgently needed Barry at the CCPD. However, Barry didn't appear to remember Cecile or that he was the Flash. Joe explained that Barry was dealing with amnesia after a failed experiment by Team Flash, much to Cecile's dismay.

Cecile and Joe were unable to stall the hearing. That afternoon, Cecile attempted to work with Barry's memory problem by questioning him as the latter used special glasses designed by Cisco and Julian Albert to testify. However, the glasses suddenly shorted out in the middle of Barry's testimony. Cecile was unable to do anything as Judge Hankerson was forced to let Coolidge walk free due to the lack of evidence.[12]

Battle with the Thinker[]

In late 2017, six months after Barry went into the Speed Force, Cecile prepared to move in with Joe.[13]

Cecile was talking to Joe about how they are going to live their life. Cecile makes the decision of moving to a different home. But when Hazard releases bad luck to many, the West Residence falls apart slowly. After Cecile put new coats on the wall, Joe wanted to move but Cecile changed her mind and then wanted to live at the West residence. Cecile revealed to be pregnant and Joe didn't know how to react.[14]

Cecile decided to celebrate Iris's bachelorette party with Felicity Smoak and Caitlin Snow, but they were interrupted by Norvock, the criminal's henchman and former Killer Frost boss; Amunet Black, but they managed to defeat them.[15]

Barry sentenced to prison for life without parole

Cecile defends Barry.

Shortly after this, Cecile temporarily stepped down from her position of DA in order to be Barry's defense attorney after he was framed for Clifford DeVoe's murder; despite this, he was still sentenced to jail.[16]

Becoming a meta-human[]

Cecile discovered that, due to being in the city at the time of the Particle accelerator explosion, she acquired the gestational meta ability of being telepathic, though it remained unclear whether the power was actually Cecile's, or if it was her future daughter's.[17]

Iris and Cecile enter the meeting zone at Iron Heights, and the Warden Gregory Wolfe strolls in to reveal to them that they're not able to see Barry today. Wolfe takes a stab at revealing to them that Barry got into a battle. Cecile's ready to utilize her powers to guess what Wolfe might be thinking and discovers that he's dealing metahumans. She returns to S.T.A.R. Labs to disclose to Team Flash. Later, Cecile's showing up in court for Barry's benefit in an intrigue hearing.

The appointed authority orders Cecile to introduce the proof she said she had, in any case the intrigue would be denied. As the adjudicator is going to make his decision, DeVoe's old body walks around on his bike. Cecile utilizes her powerts to decide it's Ralph acting like DeVoe's unique body. Under the suspicion that DeVoe is as yet alive, the appointed authority clears all charges and requests Barry's quick discharge from Iron Heights. So Team Flash decides to have a welcome party for Barry at the West house.[18]

Cecile had Harry Wells make her a mental activity dampener, which helped to create the cerebral inhibitor, even though DeVoe rendered it useless with Kilg%re's powers.[19]

After Harry lost his intelligence by overloading his thinking cap, Joe asked him to distract her for a while. Harry and Cecile discovered together that Harry would lose all his knowledge with time, but Cecile could read Harry's ideas so Team Flash learned that DeVoe's plan was to strip everyone of their intelligence.[20]

Cecile and Joe are preparing to go to the emergency clinic for her conveyance. They come converse with Caitlin in light of the fact that they feel Cecile's psyche perusing powers are getting more grounded. Caitlin gives her an inhaler which will let her unwind until she conceives their child.[21]

Team Flash Year Four

Cecile almost giving birth.

When DeVoe launched the satellites to start the Enlightenment (the name of his plan), Iris encouraged Marlize to help them to stop said plan. After all of them went to the pocket dimension, Marlize insisted that the only way to stop DeVoe was to enter his mind, and Cecile with the cerebral inhibitor was part of the entrance there. Barry was put in the hoverchair and wore the cerebral link helmet to enter them. The problem was that if Cecile gave birth, she may lose her powers, and Barry might be trapped inside DeVoe's mind forever.

When DeVoe arrived for them, he used Null's powers on them all except Joe, and after failing to make Joe shoot himself, DeVoe started to choke Cecile although she was pregnant. Since Barry and Ralph left the portal, DeVoe was losing Ralph's possessed body and all his powers ceased blocking Team Flash and Marlize. Ralph recovered control of his body, but DeVoe sent himself to the hoverchair with Kilg%re's powers. When Marlize unplugged his program, DeVoe made the satellite Sally fall to Central City.

Right after Barry and another speedster destroyed the satellite, Cecile gave birth to her daughter, Jenna Marie West on May 22, 2018. The baby was received with a party at the West House. However, the Mystery Girl goes to the West house, where she introduces herself as Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris's future daughter and admits she made some sort of mistake.[22]

Battle with Cicadas[]

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After an unsuccessful encounter with a meta-human and Nora's deduction that they are facing Cicada led the team to focus on finding their identity. The team came to the conclusion that it had to do with the satellite Barry destroyed during the Enlightenment.[23]

After Cicada broke into the West house and tortured Joe for information on Vibe, Cecile awakens in a perspiration as she's recovered her powers. She sneaks ground floor and presses the trouble button, making aware of Team Flash to their home however is before long gotten by Cicada. Cisco vibes into their home and Cicada handles him directly once more into the penetrate.[24]

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Cecile and Ralph at FEMA.

When Cecile and Ralph Dibny were searching for who could be Cicada, they decided to research about the people tended by FEMA during the Enlightenment. They attempted to get the list of patients from Vance Brandon, but he declines unless they have a warrant. Cecile realized he was embezzling money by using her empathetic powers, so she blackmails him to make him deliver them the lists in order to not divulge his embezzlement. However, Cecile eventually alerted his superiors of his crimes.[2]

Cecile, Joe and Jenna spent Thanksgiving with her family.[25]

Cecile defended Joslyn Jackam at her trial.[26]

Battle with Bloodwork[]

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Cecile participates in a barbecue at the West house.[27]

Cecile guarding Allegra from Ultraviolet

Cecile guarding Allegra from Ultraviolet.

Feeling the emotions of inmate Allegra Garcia, Cecile decided to defend her and fought with Joe for it, since they disagreed. During interrogation, Cecile opened up to Allegra about her empathetic abilities and as a result, Allegra finally opened up to Cecile about the night she got powers and revealed that her cousin Esperanza was also hit and that she was convinced she was dead but also thinks she may have committed those crimes as the witness ID'd her off a tattoo she and her cousin shared though she was in doubt and said it was impossible. Cecile later contacted Iris and Ralph to check the juvenile records they had and see if they can pull up any file on Esperanza and they discovered she had been taken out of the custody of the juvenile facility and transferred to a very redacted organization revealing she had been alive the entire time.

Shortly after Iris tried to warn Cecile their phone call was interrupted by an EMP causing the power at CCPD to go out. Esperanza attacked the officers are CCPD demanding they bring her Allegra or they would all burn. Cecile and Allegra later tried to escape but was later stopped by Esperanza aka Ultraviolet. She was unable to get through to her cousin. Cecile guarded Allegra and confronted Esperanza and told her she wouldn't let her hurt Allegra. They were almost blasted by Esperanza until The Flash showed up and fought off Ultraviolet and eventually was able to overpower her. Eventually, Cecile and Joe reconciled.[28]

Team Flash witness the beginning of Crisis

The Crisis begins.

During Ramsey Rosso's outbreak in Central City, Cecile and Kamilla Hwang were chased by Blood Brothers but were saved when the Team Flash healed all those infected. Cecile was with the other members of Team Flash as they saw the skies turn red; the crisis had begun.[29]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Cecile as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[30] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[31]

New multiverse[]

Losing her mother[]

In or around 1995,[32] Cecile interned at the District attorney's office during her first year at law school and was working non-stop. At the same time, Cecile's mother got sick and was diagnosed with cancer. Cecile was in court and she got the call that her mother had died. Feeling extreme guilt that she had not been there for her mother and thus that her mother had died alone, Cecile fell into depression and eventually ended up at St. Carmine's Psychiatric Hospital, where she wandered the halls and stayed awake at night thinking about her mother. When Cecile left the hospital, she forced herself to "toughen up" and act like none of this had happened, but it still haunted her every day for the following decades.[33]

Meta-human attorney[]

Cecile was initially the District attorney of Central City.[34] On New Year's Eve of 2013, Joe West invited her to celebrate, but she turned him down due to being busy with pending paperwork from the District Attorney's office. Cecile also claimed that "all men were jerks" due to her recent divorce.[35]

Later, Cecile stepped down as a prosecutor to embrace her position as an attorney for Meta-humans and emphasizes it when she introduces herself.[36] At some point, Cecile and Joe had a date at her cousin's wedding, where the two had an awkward time dancing until they got in sync.[37]

Cecile came to hate Eobard Thawne for hurting the West family.[32] When monsters created by Ramsey Rosso attacked, Cecile fought beside Kamilla Hwang.[38]

Team Flash's mother figure[]

Cecile's empathic feelings caused the members of Team Citizen to duck and hide when Dr. Light targeted Iris West-Allen for assassination. Cecile felt awkward, traced the feeling, and told the others to take cover as the Black Hole assassin aimed her gun into The Central City Citizen office, saving the lives of everyone.[39]

Ralph Dibny, Private Investigator (Earth-Prime)

Cecile finally exhales.

Cecile noticed a weird smell coming from Ralph Dibny, Private Investigator and discovered that it was Ralph Dibny himself; he had not washed in days, frustrated about his case as he searched for Sue Dearbon. Cecile held her nose as she listened to him vent his problems until finally he was inspired and had an idea on how to find her. Cecile exhaled heavily when he left her presence.

Later, Cecile was carrying Jenna when she saw Ralph and Sue together at Jitters. She felt the attraction the two had for one another, though Sue vehemently denied it. Nonetheless, Cecile was happy that Ralph was now feeling better.[36]

Cecile was present when Wally West came to town to visit his family.[40]

Thawne is exorcised from Nash's body

Helping to exorcise Thawne

Cisco Ramon called Cecile, telling her that he needed her help to perform an exorcism. She brought to S.T.A.R. Labs items usually used in that rite, such as holy water and an ouija board, not knowing that Cisco wanted her to use her psychic powers to help to evict Eobard Thawne from Harrison Nash Wells' mind. During the process, Cecile had to use the ouija board to knock Thawne out as he connected with the Negative Speed Force. Cecile was instrumental in finding what triggered Nash's inability to fight the foe and watched as the energy was released into the atmosphere.[32]

Joe finds a kidnapped Cecile

Saved by Joe

Cecile screamed as Rag Doll appeared before her; she was kidnapped and tied to a chair with an explosive, before Joe arrived to switch places with her to keep it from exploding when she escaped the chair. The threat from Black Hole to her and their mutual daughter, whom Cecile sent to be with Joanie, convinced Joe to go into witness protection.[37]

A week passed after Joe went into witness protection and Barry had been evicted from his apartment, so Cecile and Barry became housemates. One day though, Cecile could not get into her house because Barry had barred the door with boxes filled with research; he was trying to determine if "Iris" was an alien or a shapeshifter. She listened patiently as Barry tried to prove to her that he was evicted by an imposter.

Cecile accompanied him to S.T.A.R. Labs where he tested the identity of "Iris"; she passed the test and he failed, resulting in his imprisonment in the pipeline. Later, though, Cecile freed Barry because he proved to her emotionally that he was real.[41]

Reunited with Joe and Mirror Monarch[]

Barry called a meeting of Team Flash to inform Cecile and everyone else that Eva McCulloch was free from the Mirrorverse, and one of her first actions was killing Mirror Iris. Cecile listened as an argument developed between Cisco and Barry about the possibility that their loved ones, Iris and Kamilla, could be dead. She used her authority as their "mother figure" to quiet the emotionally distraught young men. Upon hearing that David Singh was also in the Mirrorverse, Cecile called Rob to ask him if he had seen "David".

Later, Cisco and Cecile talked about Kamilla and how Cisco truly felt about her, with him admitting that he works better with her near him because he is constantly trying to impress her. Cecile advised Cisco that he was a brilliant engineer and that his intelligence will be what saved Kamilla.[38]

Cecile helped Nash Wells and Allegra Garcia as they packed clothes for Frost, who was expecting her mother's arrival to help her to heal from the wound that she had obtained battling Sunshine. When Allegra reacted negatively to Nash's assistance, Cecile encouraged him. The three left soon after Carla arrived.

Much later, after the death of Joseph Carver, Cecile and Joe reunited. She brought him to see the other members of Team Flash, just when Barry needed encouragement and reinforcements.[42]

Barry explains to Cecile and Joe his last night's confrontation with Eva. Cecile questions Barry's speed as Joe questions the involvement of Sam Scudder and Rosa Dillon. Barry explains they both were working for Black Hole and the reason for Eva "killing" Scudder was that they were getting in her way. Cecile brings up the framing of Sue and states both she and Ralph have fallen off the grid. Joe is just about to question Dillon, when Cecile jumps in stating she'll extract information from her as she was her prosecutor from a previous case.

While being interrogated, Dillon claims she doesn't know where the Black Hole items were being moved. Cecile, using her powers, brings up that Dillon is lying and faking her emotions so that she wouldn’t suspect her. Cecile asks what else Dillon can do with her powers and with that Dillon fosters the doubt within Cecile causing overwhelment of fear in her. The attorney realizes Dillon sold "Scudder" out by having him killed by Eva for that in return for a purpose. Dillon claims she whipped up something for Eva and the city will not be ready for it and unravels The Flash won't be able to stop them as she knows he is losing his speed.

Cecile later returns to interrogate Dillon and reveals to her she is afraid of her powers and turning into someone she isn't. She then uses her powers to counteract Dillon’s which the prisoner from there begins to talk. Cecile reveals the details to Joe telling him that there is a jet heading over Central City with a bomb implanted and if it explodes hundreds of people will be hurt.[43]

When Mirror Monarch began her final assault on the city by replacing its citizens with Mirror duplicates, Cecile was replaced temporarily by her mirror counterpart, but she returned when the conflict was over.[44]

Fighting fear[]

As Cecile worked at one night from home, she continued to feel startled and apprehensive, as if there was another presence in the house. Suddenly, she saw something move in the shadows; it was Joe, coming home from work. Joe assured her that there was no one else there but them; Cecile was not at ease. After the Psych attacked the city, Team Flash thought Cecile could use the Hoverchair to boost her powers and stop him. Cecile thought the plan was crazy because she did not want to lose herself, as she believed that DeVoe lost his humanity with so much power. Cecile did not like her powers focused, thinking back to her confrontation with Top. Everyone assured her that she would be fine; she was a full-fledged member of the team and they would support and protect her. Cecile focused her thoughts and countered the psychic wave of Psych, using the Flash as a focal point and as eyes against the foe.[45]

Representing Frost[]

Days later, Cecile was the legal counsel of Caitlin Snow. Frost had a warrant and a reward for her arrest and Kristen Kramer used facial recognition to connect Frost with Caitlin, causing Caitlin to be arrested by the Meta-human Task Force. Cecile and Caitlin were together in CCPD when Frost called Cecile's phone saying that she planned to free Caitlin. Cecile and Caitlin talked Frost from her illegal plan, but they also inspired Frost into confronting Mark Blaine.

Frost on trial

Cecile representing Frost in her trial.

Ultimately, Frost was arrested[46] and Cecile became her defense attorney. Frost chose to plead guilty and to go straight to sentencing without a trial. Kristen Kramer talked the District attorney into proposing that Frost take the meta-human cure to strip her of her powers; Cecile countered that jail time would be sufficient. During the different hearings, Cecile had Joe West placed on the stand to give character testimony on Frost's behalf. Cecile allowed Frost to take the stand to defend herself against the punishment. Judge Tanaka ultimately agreed with Frost and sentenced Frost to life without parole. When DA Strong protested, Cecile re-read that the state wanted "to eliminate the threat of Killer Frost", cornering the attorney with her own words.[34]

Possessed by Psycho-Pirate[]

Cecile in the mindscape

Cecile in the mindscape.

Days later, Joe went to see Cecile and asked her to help him to investigate the background of Kristen Kramer, but Cecile was hesitant in battling her again so soon after the court hearing.[47] That night, after putting Jenna to bed, Cecile was consoling Joe because he had quit his job at the CCPD, but wanted to help civilians after a lightning strike had allowed criminals to escape Iron Heights. While they were talking, a blast of lightning from the Sage Force hit her and knocked her unconscious.[48]

Psycho Pirate possessing Cecile Horton

Psycho Pirate possessing Cecile Horton.

Hours later, Cecile awakened in the room of an asylum alone and afraid. It was revealed that the lightning which hit her was used by the spirit of an ancient meta-human contained in the Psycho Pirate mask formerly worn by Roger Hayden to possess her body, the spirit woke up at S.T.A.R. Labs with Joe at their bedside and began posing as Cecile. As Cecile, the spirit pretended to be analyzing some of Cecile's old cases and sent Barry into a coma. Cecile found Barry in her mind and said that it wasn't her that put him in a coma, it was the Psycho Pirate. So they decided to try to escape, but they couldn't. Barry realized that Cecile knew the place so she told him that she stayed there after her mother died.

Psycho Pirate in the Hoverchair

Psycho Pirate in the Hoverchair.

Afterwards, the spirit told Team Flash that it was the Psych Pirate who attacked Barry and gave them the idea to steal the golden mask at the Central City Museum. With the help of Sue Dearbon, the spirit made it through security, stopped a guard, and stole the mask. After revealing that the spirit is not the real Cecile, he made Sue throw a dart at herself and fled. The spirit then invaded the S.T.A.R. Labs to steal the Thinker's Hoverchair to increase his powers. He succeeded, but was confronted by Iris, and while he was distracted, Chester destroyed the hoverchair and Cecile and Barry managed to escape. Caitlin then sent the mask to A.R.G.U.S. and Cecile apologized to the Team for what happened, and finally told Joe the story about her mother, being comforted by him.[33]

Godspeed war[]

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In November of 2021, Cecile's memory was rewritten along with the rest of Team Flash when Eobard Thawne rewrote the events of May with the Negative Still Force to make it seem like Joe had been killed accidentally by a train. Since Barry would be unaffected because he was also a speedster, it played into the plan to make it seem like he was going crazy.[49]

Despite Iris later finding proof that Joe vanished before the train ever hit him, Cecile was still convinced Barry had gone crazy from the "evidence" of not remembering Joe died, losing his job at CCPD and S.T.A.R. Labs getting condemned making him snap. Cecile coerced Top to help track him down; only for Despero to hijack their attempt. Cecile drove him off, but not before he learned Barry was at the Hall of Justice.[49]After Barry reset the timeline and Eobard Thawne asked Barry to save his life, Cecile along with Allegra, Chester and Joe convinced Barry to do so. With Despero defeated and Reverse-Flash imprisoned, Cecile went on with her life now that Joe was once again alive and well.[50]

Rise of Deathstorm[]

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Not long after Armageddon, an evil demonic entity known as "Black Flame" arrived in Central City determined to take Caitlin as his bride-to-be and was willing to kill anyone who got in his way. Team Flash was victorious over Deathstorm, but their victory came at the price of Frost's life, to which Cecile and the rest of the team spent a lot of time afterwards mourning her.[51][52][53][54]

The Negative Forces and the return of Reverse-Flash[]

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A matter of weeks after Deathstorm's defeat, The Negative Forces appeared to face off against Team Flash. In the process they also killed Iris and gave Thawne his speed back. Fueled by rage, Barry wanted to end Thawne once and for all. Thinking they could get through to Barry like they did during Armageddon, Cecile and the others tried to convince Barry to put Thawne back in prison; instead of killing him, but this time Barry refused to listen to them much to Team Flash's frustration.

After realizing Barry was going to kill Thawne no matter what and there was nothing they could do to talk him out of it, Cecile and Allegra tried to bring back the Positive Forces to assist Barry in his fight; since he wouldn't let Team Flash help him. They were successful in bringing the Forces back; which helped Barry bring down Thawne for good.[55][56]

Era of the Red Death[]

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Becoming Virtue[]


Cecile as Virtue.

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Possible future[]

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Erased future[]

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Future Team Flash at Eobard and Iris' ceremony

Future Team Flash at Eobard and Iris' ceremony.

After Barry left to the future, Cecile and the rest of Team Flash were put on chairs by Despero, later being errased by a wave of time.

In an erased future created by Eobard Thawne, he was the Flash and Barry was the Reverse-Flash. Along with Damien Darhk, the Reverse-Flash killed Ray Palmer, Nate Heywood, Sara Lance, and Cisco Ramon.

Cecile Horton in Reverse-Flashpoint timeline

Cecile using the Psycho-Pirate mask in Reverse-Flashpoint timeline.

In 2031, Cecile assisted Eobard and Iris' ceremony, when Barry allen crashed it, making the team angry.[57] Later, Cecile tried to use the mask to stop Damien Darhk and Barry Allen/Reverse-Flash from retrieving the particle eradication distributor, but she was knocked unconscious effortlessly by Darkh. When Barry ran to fix the timeline everything that happened was erased.[49]


"H.R. Wells told me once, 'Barry Allen's superpower isn't speed, it's hope. And that kid has an endless reservoir of it.' I didn't know how right he was until I really got to know you, Barry. Whatever is about to happen, this world's a better place for having you in it."
—Cecile Horton to Barry Allen[src]

Similar to Joe West, Cecile at first refused to believe things that seem impossible without proof. However, her views changed once she saw firsthand the existence of Meta-humans.

Seen as flirty, but serious when it comes to Cecile's job as the district attorney of Central City, she is a kind woman who thinks the world of her new-found family, the Wests and Team Flash, as a single mother of a teenage daughter, Cecile understands Joe's struggles in raising Iris West and Barry Allen alone, she loves Joe and the life they have started building together and has long since come to think of Barry, Iris and Wally West as her own. Known to be competitive, Cecile isn't one to back down from a challenge.

When it comes to her work, Cecile doesn't allow her personal life to affect her job, when she discovers that she was telepathic, she showed excitement as she believed that these newfound powers would make her more of an asset to Team Flash. Cecile is self-conscious about her appearance. When she was several months pregnant, she worried about how others thought about how she looked.

Powers and abilities[]


"Well, she is a highly sensitive empath and Cicada emanates hate. D.A. Cecile Horton will serve as our early warning detection system."
Harrison Sherloque Wells[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: Cecile possessed residual dark matter energy in her body from the first particle accelerator explosion, which her pregnancy activated. This activation altered her DNA and cells, enabling her meta-human abilities to develop. As Cecile started stealing the powers of other psychic meta-humans, Rosa Dillon has stated that Cecile is starting to become one of the most powerful metas in the world. However after transferring all of her power to the Sage Force, she has lost a good chunk of her powers and will now have to build them back up again.[55][56]
    • Telepathy: Cecile developed a minor form of telepathy, able to hear the thoughts of anyone near her.[17] Over time, Cecile powers have grown to the point of even being able to hold back powerful telepaths for a period of time. After absorbing Mona Taylor’s powers, her telepathic powers advances as she can now read the thoughts of everyone in the city at once. However after Mona got her powers back, Cecile retained her telepathic powers, but can now only read the thoughts of a couple people at once.[57]
      • Mental detection:
        Cecile Horton using her powers

        Cecile using her powers.

        Cecile can feel and detect the mind of others, as well as their intentions, emotions and mental states. After constantly using her powers, Cecile's powers have grown to not only read people in the same room but she could also sense Dr. Light from another rooftop.[39] With some help from Chester telepathic crown and Rosa powers, Cecile was able to scan everyone's mind in the world looking for Barry.[57]
      • Mind control: Cecile was able to temporarily take control of Negative Deon's mind and force him to not use his powers.[55]
      • Remote Possession: Cecile was able to send her mind into the future and take control of her 2049 self in order to help Barry.[58]
      • Empathy: Cecile developed this ability in the final stages of her pregnancy. If a person was close enough to her, Cecile begins to imitate their feelings and behaviors. For example, when Caitlin was nervous and Cecile was near her, Cecile became nervous. The empathic feelings can be strong enough that Cecile can actually believe that she is the person she's imitating. This ability allowed her to investigate more into Cicada's identity, as well as helped her get Barry inside of Clifford DeVoe's mind.[2]
        • Pathokinesis: After her confrontation with Rosa Dillon, Cecile has learn how to project her feelings on to others, as shown when she transferred all of her fear and worries to Rosa in order to make her feel what Cecile felt.[43] With help from DeVoe chair, Cecile was able to use her power to project Barry’s courage across the city to everyone to counter Psych own Telepathic powers.[45] Cecile was able to also share her peaceful thoughts and feelings with Esperanza Garcia during her surgery to help stabilize her. She was also able to induce emotions of fear and regret into a group of bank robbers.[59]
    • Telekinesis: Cecile has gained the ability to move things with her mind as shown when she telekinetically grabbed her coffee cup out of Chester’s hand. By the time Red Death showed up in Central City, Cecile had been training her telekinesis for a while and had gained enough control over it to stop a bunch of glass from hitting her daughter.[56]
      • Flight: During her battle with Godspeed, Cecile was able to use her telekinetic powers to make herself fly to keep up with him.[60]
    • Power absorption: Cecile has gained the ability to absorb and steal the powers of other psychics. She did this with Rosa Dillon, and then again with Mona Taylor. After losing most of her enhanced power to the Sage Force, it can be assumed that Cecile retained this ability albeit to a weaker extend than before.[55]
    • Eye transformation: When Cecile tap into her psychic powers, her eyes transform into a lightish rainbow color which adds into her intimidation against a foe. She use this ability on multiple occasion as her psychic powers advances.[55]

Former powers[]

  • Cryogenic physiology: Cecile was briefly a host to Caitlin's split personality Frost, altering her physiology.[22]
    • Memory access: While she was hosting Frost, Cecile could access her memories, allowing Frost to tell Caitlin that she'd found Thomas Snow.[22]
  • Sage Force enhancement: After Bashir Malik was infected by the Negative Sage Force, he anchored himself to Cecile, granting her the ability to steal powers from other meta-human psychics. She later returned those additional powers to their owners to bring Bashir and the other positive forces back.
    • Rosa Dillon's powers: After absoring Rosa Dillon's powers Cecile was able to use them for herself.
      • Vertigo inducement: Cecile was able to induce vertigo into a mugger and force him to fall over.
    • Mona Taylor's powers: After absorbing Mona Taylor's powers Cecile could use them for herself.
      • Advanced telepathy: Cecile's telepathic abilities were significantly heightened to the point where she could hear the thoughts of an entire room full of people.


"Meta-human attorney. But I also have 20 years of experience defending non-meta-humans."
—Cecile Horton to Sue Dearbon[src]
  • High-level intellect/Master lawyer: Cecile has a high level of intelligence. As the district attorney of Central City, she is an excellent lawyer - prosecuting many criminals and rarely losing a case. She was also able to understand Harry's scientific thoughts and found it quite humorous.
  • Network: As the district attorney, Cecile has access to the resources of her office and the Central City Police Department.
  • Intimidation: According to Ralph, Cecile is feared by criminals.
  • Strength: Despite her small size, she can carry people heavier than her, as shown when she put Chester P. Runk in the Mental Augmentation Chamber.[27]

Former weaknesses[]

  • Mass dread: When Cecile is around a lot of people who experience terror or fear this weakens Cecile as her empathic powers would cause her to feel it as well. Too much fear would be enough to emotionally subdue Cecile to a point where it becomes nearly paralyzing. She could feel the dread of the citizens of Central City who were turned into Blood Brothers by Ramsey Rosso making it difficult for her to escape the CCPD precinct with Kamilla.
  • Extreme rage: The strong feelings of hate or rage by someone is enough to overwhelm Cecile or make her feeling sick to her stomach. She experienced this weakness when she was near Grace Gibbons while she was comatose in the hospital.
  • Negative Speed Force presence: Cecile was overwhelmed and nearly had an emotional breakdown when being connected to Nash's mindscape with Eobard Thawne. Due to the Negative Speed Force being made purely of negative emotions and negative energy, Cecile's reaction was amplified intensely on top of Thawne's hatred. Whereas she was able to feel Orlin Dwyer's resentment and Cicada II's absolute anger and remain fairly composed over a long period of time, feeling Thawne's aggression for a short amount of time gave her a panic attack and exhausted her.[32] After unlocking her full potential and becoming drunk on power, Cecile is completely unaffected, as evidenced when Team Flash went up against five Negative Speed Force users, with Thawne and Eddie having an especially high amount of Negative Speed Force in their system due to their powerful connections.


  • Virtue suit: Possibly inspired by a drawing made by her daughter,[61] Cecile began using a light blue suit with a mask after adopting the superhero alias "Virtue." In a potential 2049, Cecile still uses this suit.[58][60]

Former equipment[]


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  • Cecile enjoys French roast coffee.[9]
  • It's heavily implied that Cecile is religious, as she convinced Joe to go to church and taught him Catholic prayers.[13][62]
  • Cecile keeps mementos of her grandfather and mother, who did great things.[43]
    • Her grandfather was the first black paralegal in Oklahoma. Cecile uses his file cabinet.
    • Her mother was the first female independent council in Texas. Cecile uses her briefcase.
  • She hates rock climbing.[33]
  • Barry and Iris's future daughter, Nora, refers to Cecile as "Mama Cecile", implying that Cecile is the closest grandmotherly figure she's ever known. This is understandable, given that both of Nora's biological grandmothers, Nora Allen and Francine West, died long before she was born.
    • This may also imply that Cecile and Joe are married in Nora's time.
    • In the Earth-Prime future where Barry and Iris also have a son, Bart, he and Nora refer to Cecile as "Grandma Cecile".
  • After giving birth to Jenna, Cecile's powers remained intact, seeing as they were activated by her pregnancy.[22] A woman's body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, some of which are lifelong. This means Cecile may retain her telepathic powers, though it is unknown if Jenna will develop meta-human abilities as well.
    • However, Cecile revealed that her telepathic powers have started manifesting sporadically and may be fading.[63] Ever since then, her empathy powers are shown to have increased to the point of always being active.[2]
    • Her powers are strong enough that the Psycho Pirate mask's spirit sought to use her as a vessel.
  • As of the season eight episode "Negative, Part Two", Cecile may have gained a unique connection to the Sage Force from its host Bashir Malik tethering himself to her. This is evidenced by Cecile gaining the power of telekinesis which she has never displayed before, indicating the Sage Force is now granting her enhanced power.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Cecile Horton was a character in the Trial of The Flash storyline, where she was the Flash's defense attorney when he was on trial for the murder of the Reverse-Flash but ultimately failed to sway the jury in his favor. However, unlike on the show, Barry was actually guilty of the murder in the DC comics.
    • In the DC comics, Virtue is a superhero named Holly Ann Fields, who has a power called "The Sight". She can use empathic manipulation to access other powers such as flight, super strength, astral projection, fear projection and intangibility.
  • Season 2 is the only season of The Flash where Cecile does not appear at all.


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