Cecile Horton was an entity who is the mirrored doppelgänger and a cloned counterpart to Cecile Horton.


Eva McCulloch began kidnapping people from Central City and having them taken into the Mirrorverse; Cecile was created after Cecile Horton was captured.

Mirror Cecile spent her existence trying to convince Joe West that he should willingly enter the Mirrorverse.

Just as Joe approached a window, a reflective surface, which could have transported him there, Cecile became glass shards on the floor, because Eva had terminated her plan and turned all Mirror clones into their component parts.[1]


After Mirror Cecile was destroyed, Cecile was returned to Earth-Prime.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Connection to Eva McCulloch: As she was created by Eva, Cecile has a connection to her.[2]


The Flash

Season 7


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