"You know, these IOUs are starting to pile up."
—Cecille flirting with Joe West[src]

Cecille Horton[1] is the district attorney of Central City and a member of Team Flash. She is the girlfriend of Joe West and the mother of Joanie and Jenna West.


Learning about meta-humans

When a police cruiser camera apparently caught Detective Eddie Thawne shooting two officers without warning, Cecille Hortin interrogates Thawne at CCPD. Despite Captain David Singh unwilling to believe Thawne to be capable of murder and CSI Barry Allen pointing out the lack of powder burns on his clothes, Cecille refused to budge without evidence.

Later, she, Singh and Barry watched security footage of the Flash fighting Hannibal Bates, who shape-shifted into multiple forms, including Thawne's. Realizing Thawne had been framed, Cecille remarked that law wasn't ready for meta-human criminals and dropped the charges against him. Barry then provided Cecille evidence to exonerate the other victims Bates framed for his crimes.[2]

Cecille was approached by her friend, Detective Joe West, who asked her to help him transport some imprisoned meta-humans to a secure location. However, she adamantly turned him down, as they could be arrested for it.[3]

Love relationship with Joe West

Over a year later, Cecille informed Joe that the D.A.'s office had no information on Alchemy and guessed that his inquiry was meta-human-related. Later, she and Joe visited Rosa Dillon at Iron Heights for information on the whereabouts of her boyfriend Sam Scudder, who gained the powers to travel through mirroring surfaces, but she was uncooperative. Cecille and Joe briefly flirted, with Cecille mentioning his IOUs are adding up. Suddenly, Scudder appeared and broke Dillon out using his powers.

After Scudder and Dillon were apprehended by the Flash and Jesse Quick and sent to Iron Heights, Barry assured Cecille and Joe that Scudder couldn't escape as his cell was completely lined with anti-reflective material. Joe thanked Cecille for her help and she asked if he wanted to grab dinner tonight. Joe declined, stating that he had movie night with his kids. Cecille responded, "Another time, then."[4]

A couple of weeks later, Cecille met with Barry and Julian Albert to inform Barry that he has been reassigned to working meta-human cases full-time to figure out the situation with the husks after the incident with The Rival. She then ran into Joe and expressed her excitement for their date. The next night, Cecille and Joe went to see The Shining at a local park. They reflected on their families and Cecille revealed she is a single parent as well and has a daughter who will be going off to college in the fall. Cecille then met Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon and H.R. Wells and was instantly charmed by the latter. Suddenly, her and Joe's date was interrupted by an attack from the meta-human Shade.[5]

Around Christmas, Joe gave Cecille files regarding the Dominator invasion. He invited her to a Christmas Eve party at the West house, which she accepted. The two proposed a challenge: Was Grandma Esther or Millie's eggnog stronger? At the party, Cecille and Joe toasted to their grandmothers and their respective eggnog recipes. They shared a kiss, much to everyone's delight, especially Iris West and Wally West.[6]

Cecille was seen at the precinct with Joe, discussing apprehending an arms dealer who was supplying the Electric Gang with futuristic weapons. When Iris arrived to talk with her father, Cecille greeted her before going to check in with Singh.[7]

Cecille and her daughter Joanie went for coffee at CC Jitters with Barry, Iris, Wally and Joe. However, their outing was interrupted when Clive Yorkin arrived and tried kill Joe. Wally, as Kid Flash, fended him off and saved the group. The next day, Cecille and Joanie visited Joe at CCPD. Joe confirmed to Cecille that he is committed to their relationship for the long run.[8]

After Barry proposed to Iris, Cecille and Joe meet with them at Jitters. Cecille congratulated the two and complimented Iris's engagement ring. She mentioned that her sister has four spare tickets to Hamilton on the first weekend of July and invited Joe, Barry and Iris to join her. They agreed after some hesitation.[9]

Ally of Team Flash

After Cecille and Joe returned home from training for the Central City Marathon, Cecille accidentally tells Joe she loves him, which surprised him. Later at work, Cecille apologized if her slip-up made Joe feel pressured to say "I love you" back, but he assured her it was fine. That night, Cecille visited Joe at home when he didn't answer her texts, asking what's been going on with him lately. Joe simply stated that part of his life was complicated and he doesn't feel ready to share it with her, and thinks they should break up, much to Cecille's heartbreak. In tears, Cecille left. Just then, she was captured by Killer Frost, who demanded Tracy Brand, the only person who could stop Savitar, in exchange for her life. Cecille was held hostage in Dressler Factory, where Joe, The Flash, Tracy and Cisco arrived. As Cisco battled Killer Frost, Joe freed Cecille and took her to safety.

Cecille later met Joe at the precinct, assuring him her kidnapping wasn't his fault and explained he should've just been honest with her. Joe apologized for lying to her and tells Cecille he loves her, much to her joy. He then revealed to Cecille Barry and Wally's secret identities and his work with Team Flash.[10]

Cecille was prosecuting arsonist Lucious Coolidge, whose probable cause hearing was moved up by Judge Hankerson. Since Barry was the CSI officer assigned to the case, Cecille needed him to testify in court to hold Coolidge for trial. She called Joe, informing him she urgently needed Barry at the CCPD. However, Barry didn't appear to remember Cecille or that he was the Flash. Joe explained that Barry was dealing with amnesia after a failed experiment by Team Flash, much to Cecille's dismay. Cecille and Joe were unable to stall the hearing.

That afternoon at the hearing, Cecille attempted to work with Barry's memory problem by questioning him as the latter used special glasses designed by Cisco and Julian Albert to testify. However, the glasses suddenly shorted out in the middle of Barry's testimony. Cecille was unable to do anything as Hankerson was forced to let Coolidge walk free due to the lack of evidence.[11]

Battle with the Thinker

In late 2017, six months after Barry went into the Speed Force, Cecille prepared to move in with Joe.[12]

Cecille was talking to Joe about how they are going to live their life. Cecille makes the decision of moving to a different home. But when Hazard releases bad luck to many, the West Residence falls apart slowly. After Cecille put new coats on the wall, Joe wanted to move but Cecille changed her mind and then wanted to live at the West residence. Cecille revealed to be pregnant and Joe didn't know how to react.[13]

Shortly after this, Cecille temporarily stepped down from her position of DA in order to be Barry's defense attorney after he was framed for Clifford DeVoe's murder; despite this, he was still sentenced to jail.[14]

Becoming a meta-human

After Barry was sentenced, Cecille discovered that due to being in the city of the time Particle accelerator explosion she acquired the gestational meta ability of being telepathic, though it remained unclear whether the power was actually Cecille's, or if it was her future daughter's.[15]

She had Harry Wells make her a mental activity dampener, which helped to create the cerebral inhibitor, even if DeVoe rendered it useless with Kilg%re's powers.[16]

After Harry lost his intelligence by overloading his thinking cap, Joe asked him to distract her for a while. Harry and Cecille discovered together that Harry would lose all his knowledge with time, but Cecille could read Harry's ideas so Team Flash learned that DeVoe's plan was to strip anyone of their intelligence.[17]

When DeVoe launched the satellites to start the Enlightenment (the name of his plan), Iris encouraged Marlize to help them to stop said plan. After all of them went to the pocket dimension, Marlize insisted that the only way to stop DeVoe was to enter to his mind, and Cecille with the cerebral inhibitor was part of the entrance there. Barry was put in the hoverchair and wore the cerebral link helmet to enter them. The problem was that if Cecille gave birth, she may lose her powers, and Barry might be trapped inside DeVoe's mind forever.

When DeVoe arrived for them, he used Null's powers on them all except Joe, and after failing to make Joe shoot himself, DeVoe started to choke Cecille although she was pregnant. Since Barry and Ralph left the portal, DeVoe was losing Ralph's possessed body and all his powers ceased blocking Team Flash and Marlize. Ralph recovered control of his body, but DeVoe could send himself to the hoverchair with Kilg%re's powers. When Marlize unplugged his program, DeVoe made the satellite Sally fall to Central City.

Right after Barry and another speedster destroyed the satellite, Cecille gave birth to her daughter, Jenna Marie West on May 22nd, 2018. The baby was received with a party at the West House. However, the Mystery Girl goes to the West house, where she introduces herself as Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris's future daughter and admits she made some sort of mistake.[18]


Seen as flirty, but serious when it comes to her job as the district attorney of Central City, Cecille is a kind woman who thinks the world of her new-found family, the Wests and Team Flash, as a single mother of a teenage daughter, Cecille understands Joe West's struggles of when he was raising Iris West and Barry Allen alone. She loves Joe and the life they have started building together and has long since come to think of Barry, Iris and Wally West as her own. Known to be competitive, Cecille isn't one to back down from a challenge.

When it comes to her work, Cecille doesn't allow her personal life affect her job, when she discovers that she was telepathic, she showed excitement as she believed that these new-found powers would make her more of an asset for Team Flash.

Cecille is also self-conscious about her appearance. When she was several months pregnant, she worried about how others thought about how she looked.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: From unknown means, Cecille residual dark matter energy in her body from the first particle accelerator explosion was activated from her pregnancy and with this altered her DNA and cells, enabling Cecille to access her new-found powers.
    • Telepathy: Cecille developed a minor form of telepathy, able to hear the thoughts of anyone near her.
      • Empathy: An ability Cecille showed near the final stages of her pregnancy. If a person was close enough to her, Cecille started to act like the said person, such as when Caitlin was nervous, Cecille became nervous. It can go to the point where Cecille can actually believe she is the said person. This also allowed her to help Barry get inside Clifford DeVoe's mind. When Ralph and Cecille investigate more into Cicada's identity she was able to still read the feelings of the worker.[19]


  • High-level intellect/Master lawyer: Cecille is very intelligent, as the district attorney of Central City, she is an excellent lawyer; as Cecille has successfully prosecuted many criminals and has rarely lost a case.
  • Network: As the district attorney, Cecille has access to the resources of her office and the Central City Police Department.
  • Intimidation: According to Ralph, she is feared by criminals.


The Flash

Season 1

Season 3

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Season 5

Stretched Scene


Season 3

The Chronicles of Cisco


  • Cecille enjoys French roast coffee.[8]
  • It’s heavily implied that Cecille is religious, as she convinced Joe to go to church and taught him Catholic prayers.[12][20]
  • Season 2 is the only season of The Flash where Cecille does not appear at all.
  • Barry and Iris' future daughter Nora refers to Cecille as "Mama Cecille", implying that Cecille is the closest grandmotherly figure she's ever known. This is understandable, given that both of Nora's biological grandmothers, Nora Allen and Francine West, died long before she was born.
    • This may also imply that Cecille and Joe are married in Nora's time.
  • After giving birth to Jenna in "We Are The Flash"​, Cecille's powers remained intact, seeing as they were activated by her pregnancy. A woman's body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, but some changes are lifelong. This means Cecille may retain her telepathic powers, though it is unknown if Jenna will develop meta-human abilities as well.
    • However in "Blocked", Cecille revealed that her powers have started manifesting sporadically and may be fading.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Cecile Horton was a character in the Trial of The Flash storyline, where she was The Flash defense attorney when he was on trial for the murder of the Reverse-Flash but ultimately failed to sway the jury in his favor. However, unlike on the show, Barry was actually guilty of the murder in the comics.


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