Celia Castle (died March 25, 2015) was the mayor of Starling City. She was killed by an imposter posing as the Arrow as part of Ra's al Ghul's machinations to have Oliver Queen become his heir.


Mayoral tenure

Sometime after Sebastian Blood's death, Celia succeeded him as mayor of Starling City.

Celia had the misfortune of being responsible for the city at the time when Danny Brickwell made his bid for power in the Glades. Brick first orchestrated the theft of vast quantities of material evidence needed in trials of known criminals, and then proceeded to kidnap the mayor herself (and three aldermen), holding her ransom against a complete withdrawal of SCPD and other municipal workers and forces from the Glades.


Celia's death was wrongfully pinned on the Arrow, leading to a citywide manhunt for the vigilante.[1]

Celia received justice for her murder after Maseo Yamashiro[2] and Ra's al Ghul's deaths.[3]

No one wanted to run for mayor for months after Celia and the previous mayors' deaths.[4][5] However, Ruvé Adams eventually succeeded Celia as mayor of Star City.[6]



Season 3

Season 4


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