Celia Wayne was the PR of the Central City Museum. She is secretly the lover of Stan Kovacs.


Early life

At some point, she met and fell in love with Stan Kovacs. At some point, she infiltrated the museum and befriended Ted Preminger in order to plan to steal the Mask of Rasputin.[1]

Stealing the Mask

In 1990, she met Barry Allen a former student of Ted that the latter presented to her. Two nights later, after Stan believed that he has killed the Flash, she got out of the shower and had sex with him. The next day, she heard that Barry Allen has identified Stan as the leader of the gang, and she tries to dissuade the police to move the mask. When the police had their hands full of the wave of crime across the city, she and Stan stole the mask after knocking out the cops. The Flash eventually showed up and fought Stan. She ran away with the mask, and she was confronted by Ted who tried to dissuade her from stealing the mask. But before she could kill him, Barry Allen showed up to her surprise and arrest her.[1]


The Flash


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