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"Well, the sign says it all: 'Central City Strong.' I let down this city by failing to prevent Mirror Monarch from tearing our community apart. But I will make it up to you. I promise. Together, we're rebuilding our community, our homes, our lives. It'll take time, but... but I believe in this city, its resilience... most of all, its people. That's how we'll survive this."
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Central City is a city in the state of Missouri[1] in the United States. It is home to several important businesses and corporations such as S.T.A.R. Labs.





Cafés and restaurants

  • CC Jitters: Simply Jitters, it is one of the most well-known coffee shops in Central City, with beverages themed around the city's heroes and villains to sell their products.[2]

Sports teams

  • Central City Sharks: A football team based in Central City.



  • Central City High School: In an erased timeline, Central City High was notoriously known for the Prom Night Slasher in 1989, a serial killer who killed seven students on their prom night. This reputation was erased due to the actions of the Legends, with all the students remaining alive.[1]


Law enforcements


During Anti-Monitor Crisis, after Oliver Queen died while battling the Anti-Monitor and reformed the universe, this city was formed on Earth-Prime, which contained most elements of Central City of Earth-1;[7] however, there are various differences between the two cities. One difference is the location of the graveyard where Nora Allen is buried.[8]

In 1989, Kathy Meyers was imprisoned for threatening teens at the prom of Central City High School.[1]

At some point after 2013, the Flash emerged as a vigilante in Central City.[7]

In 2017, a Nazi invasion occurred on the day of Barry Allen's and Iris West's wedding.[2]

Barry Allen was given by the city a medal of honor for the work he had done in law enforcement.[9]

In early 2020, Sterling Brooks attempted to rob Jitters during its citywide opening; the Flash captured him and the patrons cheered.[2]

William Clayton was abducted by John Byrne.[10]

A gang war began between Amunet Black's criminal organization and Goldface's black market; by Valentine's Day 2020, the leaders, Leslie Jocoy and her boyfriend Keith reconciled, ending the war.[3]

Many times, between 2005 to 2020, Mick Rory of 2020 appears at Ali's house in order to spend time with his daughter, Lita.[11][12]

Eva talks to the press

Eva McCulloch has a press conference announcing her return; she says that Joseph Carver saved her from a terrorist organization and he was murdered by Sue Dearbon.[5]

When Eva was publicly exposed as a mirror duplicate, she decided to replace all the inhabitants of the Earth-Prime with her mirrored versions.[13] Her duplicates were attacking Central City citizens until she was convinced by Iris to give up. She then destroyed all the duplicates, returning the real people to the Earth. Then she went back to Mirrorverse.[14] Afterwards, a support group for people trapped in the Mirrorverse was created on Central City and the Flash helped to rebuild the city.[15]

A major lightning strike caused enough damage to Iron Heights that prisoners, including Mark Blaine, were able to escape. Frost, who was at the time also a prisoner, escaped, but she assisted in recapturing the inmates. This act caused Frost to be granted probation for her past crimes.[16]

During a football game between the Gotham Goliaths and the Central City Sharks, a blimp nearly crashed into the stadium, but Mecha-Vibe stopped it as the Flash cleared the venue. Afterwards, the Flash recommended Carrie Bates for a job with Mayor Sampson.[17]

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  • The landscape of the city is very similar to the one of Opal City of Earth-1.