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Central City Bank is a financial establishment located in Central City.


In May 2016, Central City Bank was robbed by Mick Rory and Carmine Broome. After Broome shot a security guard with a cold gun on the way out, Rory incinerated him with his heat gun in retaliation before fleeing the scene, with Ray Palmer as his getaway driver.[1]

Almost a year later in March 2017, the Music Meister faked a robbery at Central City Bank to lure out Kid Flash.[2]

In October 2017, Becky Sharpe robbed Central City Bank by using her powers to strike the employees with bad luck.[3]

In March 2018, Eric Frye attempted to rob Central City Bank with his powers, but was stopped by Mathew Kim/Melting Point, who removed his meta-human DNA.[4]


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