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Central City Bank is a financial establishment located in Central City.


Central City Bank entrance

Central City Bank entrance.

In May 2016, Central City Bank was robbed by Mick Rory and Carmine Broome. After Broome shot a security guard with a cold gun on the way out, Rory incinerated him with his heat gun in retaliation before fleeing the scene, with Ray Palmer as his getaway driver.[1]

Almost a year later in March 2017, the Music Meister faked a robbery at Central City Bank to lure out Kid Flash.[2]

In October 2017, Becky Sharpe robbed Central City Bank by using her powers to strike the employees with bad luck.[3]

In March 2018, Eric Frye attempted to rob Central City Bank with his powers, but was stopped by Mathew Kim/Melting Point, who removed his meta-human DNA.[4]


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