Central City Bus 405 was the bus in Central City which was affected by the dark particles created when Barry Allen returned from the Speed Force, thereby creating 12 new meta-humans which became part of Clifford DeVoe's plan.


On 10th October 2017, Team Flash found a way of opening a portal to the Speed Force which would free The Flash, only for it to open onto a road with Bus 405 needing to abruptly brake right next to it. When Barry ran out the Speed Force, it allowed dark matter particles to consume the bus and turn the 12 passengers on-board into meta-humans. Clifford DeVoe then implemented a plan to find everyone on the bus and steal their powers in an effort to defeat Team Flash, while also bringing about "The Enlightenment".

Known meta-humans created


The Flash

Season 4

Season 5


  • Clifford and Marlize DeVoe designate each bus meta-human with a subject number in accordance with the order of their emergence.
  • Edwin Gauss "folded" and vanished into a pocket dimension when the bus was exposed to dark matter. Thus, when Team Flash viewed a heat scan of the bus, they determined that there were 12 people on board.[1] However, it's currently unknown if the driver (who was later found dead in his bathtub from drowning)[2] was affected by the dark matter, which could potentially mean that 13 meta-humans gained powers on the bus that day.


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