The Central City Diamonds are a baseball team operating out of Central City.


Sometime prior to 2015, the Diamonds were established as a baseball team in Central City.

Cisco Ramon and his brother Dante Ramon would attend games together when the latter was still alive.[1]

In November 2015 as Lewis Snart, Leonard Snart, and Barry Allen (undercover) arrived at a location to steal some diamonds, a couple of security guards in the lobby were watching a Diamonds game on TV, telling the "janitors" that the "Diamonds don't stand a chance".[2]

In late 2015, Oliver Queen intercepted William and Samantha Clayton as they prepared to go to a Diamonds game.[3]

In spring 2016 while he and Cisco were at a bar, Dante requested the bartender to switch to the Diamonds game on the TV.[4]

In November 2016, H.R. Wells noticed Cisco's depression over Dante's death and invited him to attend a Diamonds game together in a bid to cheer him up. Cisco was initially reluctant, as it reminded him too much of his brother, but eventually accepted. The pair purchased a number of snacks from vendors at the game, including hot dogs, nachos, and beer, and Cisco additionally bought a foam finger, which H.R. later took for himself. The Diamonds ultimately won the game, much to Cisco and H.R.'s joy.[1]

In summer 2018, Cecile Horton watched a Central City Diamonds game at home while on maternity leave. The Diamonds eventually took the lead in the game after scoring a triple.[5]


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