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The Central City Museum is a museum located in Central City.


The museum provided at least one "overall" type of tour that incorporated both the information on standard exhibitions as well as every then-featured exhibition; though according to the owner Dexter Myles, no one had ever gone through the tour twice, indicating the said tour was possibly bland or boring. Planning to steal the Kahndaq dynasty diamond, Leonard Snart visited the museum and took the said tour twice, which was what made Dexter Myles suspicious and alerted the Central City Police Department. As Snart started to aim the Cold gun at the guests, the Streak arrived to relocate the people; however, while saving most of them, one museum security guard was unfortunately struck and killed.[1]

Team Flash identifying The Crystal Ball as the next target

Central City Museum's John William Waterhouse exhibit info; press release and forum activities about The Crystal Ball.

The museum later held an exhibition of John William Waterhouse's work, the center piece being The Crystal Ball, which was recently recovered from Markovia and loaned to the museum by the Silverberg family. Family member Jacob Silverberg exclaimed that "The painting's safe return means more to us than all the money in the world." This however made it a target for Russell Glosson, The Turtle, thus Team Flash made a plan in the hopes of capturing him. While Cisco Ramon and Harrison Wells were monitoring the guest with a facial recognition program in a van parked outside the museum; Caitlin Snow, Jay Garrick and Barry Allen were in the museum undercover. Barry planned to reveal a secret to his date, Patty Spivot, but before he could do so, Glosson arrived and forced Barry to get ready to face him as The Flash. Patty noticed Glosson and told him to freeze, making him use his power and causing the guests to ran in panic. In the fit of chaos, Glosson managed to shoot the strings of the museum chandelier and drop it on top of The Flash, who was trying to prevent it from hitting Patty.[2]

Erased future[]

Flash Museum's vision in the Speed Force

The vision of the future Flash museum.

As seen from an vision inside the Speed Force by Barry Allen, the Museum will be reorganized and replaced by the Flash Museum.[3] However, as seen from the future of the current timeline, the Flash Museum will be inaugurated on S.T.A.R. Labs instead. It's unknown what caused the difference of places, but is more likely that Flashpoint was the reason for the change.[4]

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