"Don't worry about the city, friend. CCPD's finest are on the case."
Nora West-Allen to David Singh[src]

The Central City Police Department (CCPD) is the police department of Central City.


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In late 2012, Barry Allen became a CSI at CCPD. Soon after Barry Allen joined, Ralph Dibny was fired from CCPD for tampering with evidence.

After Zoom had viciously and easily beat Barry, he dragged him here to show the station their fallen hero. They all fired at him, but he caught all the bullets with one hand, told them "nice try" and sped off.[1]

Like on his Earth, Zoom's first move was to instill fear and dread in law enforcement. When Zoom appeared, the officers pulled guns on him and Captain Singh told him not to move, but he fearlessly replied, "or what", and reminded them what happened before when they tried to shoot at him. He told them to obey him or whoever didn't would meet their end. He held Caitlin captive for a little while,[2] but eventually let her go[3] but warned her he'd show her no mercy if she left him.[4]

In 2019, Joe West was made captain of CCPD. CSI Barry Allen was given the medal of valour at a press conference.


The Central City Police Department is a symmetrical building, divided into five major sections and a lobby overlooking the front street. The outside walls of the building are cream, while the walls inside are white.

Barry's lab

Before creating Flashpoint and then reversing it, Barry worked here alone,[5] where he went over meta and non-meta criminal cases he assisted the police with at the scene. Though after reversing Flashpoint, Julian was given a position, he and Barry have shared this lab for over a year.[6] Due to Julian's expertise in meta-humans, Barry wanted to tag along with him on the scene to get to the bottom of a case, but Julian didn't say yes until Barry gave up the whole lab to Julian, but after seeing that he misjudged the Flash, he thought maybe he could be wrong about Barry too and said he could stay.[6]

The crime laboratory of CCPD.

After getting attacked by Barry's friend, Caitlin, Julian said he wouldn't report her but only if Barry resigned, to which Barry agreed,[7] but during Christmas Julian said he could come back.[8] Since coming back from the Speed Force and Julian returned to London, Barry now has the lab all to himself again. However, after being suspended due to his involvement with the DeVoe case he loses the lab, apparently until Captain Singh was allowed to end Barry's suspension after Iris West did an exposé on Clifford DeVoe on her blog.[9]

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  • In Nora'a 2049, the CCPD has technology akin to force fields to help prevent contamination of evidence; with gloves gone out of use.

Behind the scenes

  • The building used for the CCPD is the Vancouver City Hall, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Greco-Roman relief

Central City Main Hall

  • The relief has been confirmed by Tyler Harron, head production designer of The Flash, as being an allusion to the Justice League. The seven deities each denote one of the seven members of the Justice League; Hermes is synonymous with the Flash, Zeus with Superman, Hera with Wonder Woman, Hades with Batman, Hephaestus with either Green Lantern or Cyborg, Apollo with Green Arrow. Meanwhile, the words "Truth, Liberty and Justice" reference the heroes Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, in that order.[10]


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