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"The latest attack was orchestrated by Zoom, and we understand that citizens of Central City are scared, but I can assure you the CCPD has been working diligently under the leadership of Detective West. We will stop Zoom. That's a promise."
Barry Allen[src]

The Central City Police Department was the police department of Central City on Earth-2. It was destroyed with the rest of Earth-2.


15 members of the police department were lured into a trap set up by Zoom in order to demonstrate his power. All but one were killed, and after the officer told the story of the speedster's great power, he was killed as well.[1]

When Earth-1 Barry Allen stepped into his doppelgänger's life, he met the doppelgängers of David Singh (who was a criminal being brought in), Floyd Lawton (the worst shot in the department) and Iris West. Iris then proceeded to kiss Earth-1 Barry when her watch detected him as a meta-human. However, she just dismissed it as a glitch.

Later, Iris and her partner Floyd Lawton were preparing to go after her father's murderers when Earth-1 Barry offered Cisco Ramon on the mission, which she reluctantly agreed to.

The next day, Earth-2 Barry Allen explained everything to his wife. He then helped Cisco and Dr. Harrison Wells search for Killer Frost with an algorithm he created to track down metas, with Iris calling him the "best CSI in Central City".

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As on Earth-1 and later Earth-Prime (also for Earth-19), the building used for this CCPD is still Vancouver City Hall.