The Central City Police Department (CCPD) is the police department of Central City.


Joe had a meeting with Barry Allen to discuss the gang war between Amunet Black's criminal organization and the henchmen of Goldface.[1]

"Iris" went to Joe's office, requesting information pertaining to Joseph Carver; Joe denied her, stating that he did not want Carver to escape justice through any technicalities caused by sharing information. "Iris" was irate, but became calm after she tricked him by sending him away to Big Belly Burger for a lunch date while she infiltrated his office and accessed his computer.[2]

At some point, Chief David Singh was replaced by his Mirrorverse version, "David". Captain Joe West suspected that there was a mole in the CCPD, so he confided in "David", not knowing David had been replaced. Sunshine attacked the precinct; Barry was able to distract her before she could kill Joe or "David".[3]

Joe attempted to interrogate Millie but they were interrupted by Rag Doll who tried to kill Joe. The Flash stopped the assassination but was not fast enough to stop Joe from being shot.[4]

Barry did not wish to lose his job, so he held a meeting of Team Flash in his forensics lab. There, Ralph revealed that he had a large diamond; Allegra Garcia noted that it was emitting radiation. Focusing the emissions, Allegra showed that it was a map to a Black Hole warehouse.

Later the team brought Joseph Carver here to await transport to an A.R.G.U.S. facility for protection. "David" arrived, because he received the paper work; the team fled.

Later still, Eva McCulloch had a press conference where she announced her return and blamed Sue Dearbon for the death of her husband.[5]


Crime lab

The lab is currently used by the crime scene investigator Barry Allen. In January 2020, Barry moved some of his equipment to his house to investigate the stain on Oliver Queen's mask.[6]

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