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Central City Shopping Mall is a shopping mall located in Central City.


In October 2014, Theresa Howard picked up her daughter's homecoming dress at Central City Shopping Mall. Kyle Nimbus ambushed Theresa in an elevator and transformed into toxic gas, killing her. Barry Allen/The Flash arrived at the scene, but was unfortunately too late to save Theresa.[1]

In December 2014, Caitlin Snow purchased a Christmas present for Harrison Wells from one of the stores located within the Central City Shopping Mall. When she returned to the mall's parking garage and attempted to unlock her car door, Caitlin was approached by Firestorm and ran behind a pillar for cover when the figure's arms and head burst into flames.[2]

In early 2017, Barry and Wally West/Kid Flash ran past the mall while racing to see who was faster.[3]

In March 2017, Cisco Ramon bought a tuxedo at Central City Shopping Mall to wear as the best man at Barry's wedding. He noticed two children running from a mall security guard and helped them out upon realizing they were pretending to be the Flash and Kid Flash. Cisco then returned the tux and ate some Big Belly Burger at the mall, deciding to wear one of his own suits instead.[4]


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